The farmer’s march in India is the talk of the town. On Twitter India, #KisanLongMarch has been trending for the past couple of days with people tweeting photographs of weary farmers who have marched several hundred miles to demonstrate their plight and to demand the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

"Mumbai, #KisanLongMarch have arrived! The people that feed you. Come out of your air-conditioned rooms and march with them!" tweeted a user.

Supporters of the farmers’ march took to Twitter to tell the citizens not to complain about the traffic jam that they will face in Mumbai on Monday.

They asked citizens to be supportive of the 35,000 farmers who’ve walked a long way to tell their stories.

The Aam Aadmi Party expressing its support for farmers said that the party stands with the farmers. The party also urged chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to meet all the demands of the farmers.

Photographs of the weary feet of Indian farmers who marched hundreds of miles.

Twitter users also condemned the Indian mainstream media for ignoring real newsworthy issues like the farmers’ march.

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