The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) came into power in 2014 after getting a successful victory in the 2014 general election where it won 282 seats with just 31 percent of the vote. The promise made by the Modi, to bring the moon to the nation is turning into a nightmare.

As the 2019 election is coming and Modi claims that seven million new jobs had been created in one year, the target of the government is 10 million jobs in a year. It seems harsh as the government is merely generating 1.35 lakh new jobs per year.

In his 25th February report published by the UN labour, it shows that unemployment is at its peak by 31 million.

India also ranked 96th out of 215 countries in the unemployment list, In the centre for monitoring of Indian economy report on February 25, the unemployment rate increased 6.1 percent as compared to 5 percent in January. The Indian Employment report 2016 says that total unemployment clubs in India have reached 117 million out of which 13 million are openly unemployed, 52 percent are in disguised unemployment and other 52 are women who don’t work.

The minister of state for labour and employment Santosh Kumar Gangwar, shocked the people in parliament by saying “Modi government has not conducted any nationwide survey to find out the actual Data of employment in the country since 2016.” Now that can become a problem for any economy who wants to take part in Asia’s political-economic landscape.

Unemployment reasons

Despite having the world’s largest youth participation, no matter they are educated or not as both suffered the same problems. The way to find jobs is more difficult for an educated person as youth are mostly unemployed both educated and uneducated. Most educated youth is uneducated as they receive an education but fail to find jobs.

They are also unwilling to do low-grade jobs but at the same time, sufficient a regular salaried job is also not available. (Vocational training and jobs).

The decision of Demonetisation backfires as “5 million people lose their jobs,” says new survey report of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Another interesting aspect of this report is that 77 percent of households were reported to have no regular wage or income.

Most of the unemployment is on the working sites and as the price of everything hikes there is a fall in construction work and there is also drop in labor participation.

The Modi government requires a massive employment generation booster as the first concrete step towards winning the next general election. It has been four years since his coming into power. It seems tough but he must bring our economy back on track. The government needs to work on job creation rather than just giving impressive facts in speeches.