Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra S Rawat took a dig at Congress President at the "Rising India" event hosted by News 18 on Saturday. Rawat said that Indians do not take Rahul Gandhi seriously. Calling the Congress president “politically immature,” he said that people look at him as a source of entertainment. “It will take a lot of time for Rahul Gandhi to learn how politics works,” Rawat said. He also added that despite Rahul Gandhi’s age and experience, his political vision is still not clear.

Rawat added that the ruling BJP is focused on empowering villages—an area that was neglected by the Congress during their 10-year-regime.

He said that the government is keen on giving a helping hand to the Indian start-ups. “The demand for organic products is increasing, and that can create employment. We need to work towards self-employment. Startup India needs to be pushed,” the Uttarakhand chief minister said.

He also added that 36 hospitals in the states are linked to tele-medication. Respected doctors provide their help via television. “We have employed more than 1,100 doctors, we have got more than 900 nurses. He added that on Sunday, he will be offering Rs 25,000 to ASHA workers.

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