To fight for the rights of SC, ST, and all the other backward classes, a group of 50 alumni from various IITs (Indian Institution of Technology) from all over the country have boldly abandoned their positions to build a political party of their own.

This organization has named themselves "Bahujan Azad Party" which is now waiting for the Election Commission's approval of their party.

The leader of the new outfit to PTI

A Delhi IITian of 2015 batch; Naveen Kumar said that they are an organization of 50 leaders from IITs across India who have voluntarily quit their jobs to grow a party and serve the impoverished.

They are perpetrating their groundwork and anticipating for the election commission to reply.

He does not desire his party to be one of those tiny parties with high ambitions. Kumar says that they will be starting their campaign with the Bihar assembly elections in 2020. They are right now heading largely for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Poster of the Party says it all

The Bahujan Azad Party first poster has photographs of all the prominent freedom fighters along with Abdul Kalam.

Kumar is all set with his plan if their name is approved. He will form smaller groups among his group of 50 to begin their activity for the targeted underprivileged groups.

Their main agenda is to provide all the backward classes their worthful due in terms of employment and education.

Importantly, the organization is not against or for any political party or their beliefs.

There are already many parties associated with the SC and ST, but experts are confused why these IITians who could have joined any of the already established parties created their own. And moreover carrying any new political outfit to the length and breadth of India is a herculean task.

Only time will tell if these people succeed in their mission. Also, it is still not clear which main political party they would support in case of any requirement.

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