Eleven years ago a series of bomb blasts took place in the historic Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad on a Friday. The blast resulted in nine people being killed and over 58 injured. The case was taken over by the CBI which initially investigated the case, and in 2011 the case was handed over to the NIA. Seven years down the line and after examining over 200 witnesses the judge Janardhan Reddy acquitted all the five accused.

The judge has said that the prosecution failed to prove the guilt of the accused. The judge, however, created a mystery by resigning just after a few hours of delivering the judgment.

He forwarded his resignation to the Metropolitan Sessions Judge. NDTV has reported that the judgment has far-reaching effects as the UPA governments plea to blame the blast on "Hindu terror" groups came a cropper.

The trial

The trial lasted 11 years, and 224 witnesses were examined out of who 64 turned "hostile." Only five accused faced trial as two are still absconders. The judgment has come as a dampener to the minority community who are now wondering in case these accused did not execute the bomb blasts at the Mecca Masjid then who carried out the deed.

The UPA government was in power from 2004-2014, and most of the investigation was done when it was in power. As a political ploy, the UPA had tried to identify the act as one associated with "Hindu terror" groups.The term was used in 2010 by then home minister P Chidambaram of the Congress.

This theory has now been put to rest. Subramaniam Swamy, the BJP leader, has said that there is nothing like Hindu terror and it was a word coined by the UPA and the Congress party to lure Muslim voters to vote for the Congress.


The judgment has attracted a great deal of attention. It appears the NIA and earlier the CBI may have been coerced by the Congress to name a few Hindus as the prime movers of the bomb blast to counter the BJP.

The case also appears to be badly presented as with over 224 witnesses (even if 64 turned hostile) the case could have been proved, provided tangible evidence was available. This is the flaw, and it is possible that a lot of evidence was concocted. Nobody has said it, but there seems to be some truth in this.

Advantage BJP

The judge resigned hours after giving the judgment.

This has created a mystery but he was to retire in June, and he says that he was contemplating to resign for quite some time. Maybe there is more to his resignation than meets the eye. In the meantime, the BJP has got some brownie points against the Congress party which will come in handy in the coming state election in Karnataka next month.