The nation has just got back its breath after the violence and disruption caused by Dalit protests, and it was another bharat bandh on Tuesday, this time by those who are opposed to quotas in education and jobs by caste and religion. However, what is strange is that no known organization has called for a bandh.

The anti-quota Bandh call is being made in appeals on the social media by specific groups. These groups were formed on WhatsApp after the Dalit Protest on April 2 against a Supreme Court ruling which sought to prevent the misuse of the SC/ST act which was created to avoid discrimination against the underprivileged class.

Many organizations support the bandh

A little known and obscure group calling itself Sarv Samaj from Rajasthan, boasting members from the Brahmin, Rajput, Jat, and Gujjar communities have extended their support to the bandh. Messages which extol the view of building India on merit and such slogans have been posted by users who call themselves a “General Category.”

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Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has alerted all states, especially the Northern states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan which witnessed large-scale violence on April 2, to take appropriate measures to protect government properties and prevent any recurrence of violence as in the past. According to latest reports prohibitory orders have been promulgated in Gwalior, Bhind and Morena district.

The internet services have been blocked in the sensitive regions. The latest Bandh call has not evoked much response in the South, East, and the West.

Violence in Madhya Pradesh

Six people were killed in the state of Madhya Pradesh last week.

The authorities are taking no chances and have enforced a curfew in Bhind, while prohibitory orders remain in force in Gwalior and Morena. Schools and colleges have been shut in all the three districts. Battalions of RAF and Special Armed Force have been requisitioned to help the local police.

Indian Express has quoted Bhind Collector who said that though no organization has offered support to the proposed Bandh, the administration is taking no chances.

A Flag March has been conducted by the central forces in Bhind, and the Army has been asked to standby. Statues of prominent Dalit leaders like BR Ambedkar and Jyoti Phule are being guarded to prevent any mischief by anti-social elements. The government has said that it has received intelligence that anti-social elements have infiltrated different groups and could create damage.

Internet services cut-off

Prohibitory orders have also been placed in Uttar Pradesh's Hapur district and internet services have also been suspended for a day.

It must be remembered that two people have been killed in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar on April 2.

Rajasthan which saw unprecedented violence on April 2 by Bandh supporters and on April 3 by Anti Bandh supporters who resorted to violence and burned down the houses of the sitting and former MLA. The Karni Sena which spearheaded the anti Padmavat campaign has said that it is not supporting the bandh and it must not be held responsible for violence by individuals.

Punjab and Haryana

Riot Police have been deployed in force in Punjab as well as Haryana.

Harayana’s Kaithal town had seen violence, and the police have been deployed in full force there. In Jharkhand and Bihar which has seen numerous caste clashes in the past, central troops have been deployed in full force. Gujarat, the situation is tense especially after Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani warning of a “counter protest” on April 14.

There are no reports of any support for the Bandh in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.