The proceedings at the Lok Sabha came to a halt after the members of Parliament (MPs) from the AIADMK party raised slogans on the Cauvery water issue. “'We want justice, we want Cauvery board,” they shouted.

The Tamil Nadu parties like AIADMK, DMK, and the Congress in Tamil Nadu joined hands to observe a day-long fast to show their protest against the Centre which is reportedly indulging in delaying tactics and not taking steps to resolve the Cauvery water issue.

AIADMK held a hunger fast on April 2 in all the districts, demanding the central government to set up the Cauvery Management Board.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to constitute Cauvery Management Board immediately.

CJI Dipak Mishra had earlier promised that the matter will be heard on Monday, and until then, he asked the people of Tamil Nadu to maintain peace and harmony.

The Supreme Court had given a six-week deadline to the Centre to come up with a scheme to formulate a plan that would fairly divide the Cauvery water among the affected states — Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, and Kerala.

However, just a day before the expiry date, the Centre filed a petition seeking clarification on the word “scheme.” The Centre asked the apex court whether Cauvery Management Board is to be set up as demanded by Tamil Nadu or the panel is to be set up, as demanded by Karnataka.

This last-minute clarification did not go well with many citizens, particularly those from the affected regions in South India. They said that this eleventh-hour filing could be politically motivated.

Meanwhile, Madras High Court Advocates Association issued a note that it will boycott court proceedings on April 6 condemning the Modi-led central government for not constituting the Cauvery Management Board.

Media incorrect?

Meanwhile, SG Suryah, TV debater and columnist blame the mainstream media for misinterpreting the Supreme Court order. “Firstly, the SC did not order the Causeery Management Board be set up in six weeks, it is absolutely incorrect. Supreme Court commanded a scheme to be framed in a 6-week period. Media and parties that are supposed to be neutral rather carried a vicious campaign misinterpreting the order,” he said.

Centre draws Flak

Furious South Indians who took to Twitter said that BJP has betrayed Tamil Nadu and its farmers by not taking the Cauvery issue seriously. A user on Twitter posted: “It’s official. The deadline given by the SC has lapsed. This is a clear contempt of court.”

Sand mafia to be blamed?

Ethirajan Srinivasan, a concerned Indian, posted a photograph of a dry well in his backyard. He said that the well, which is just 200 yards from Cauvery, is dry for the past 15 years. The reason is neither Karnataka nor Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but Dravidian Sand Mafia, which poses a greater threat to Tamil Nadu’s agriculture, he said. “Why don’t the protesters lock down sand mines?” he asked.

He pointed out that two irrigation canals existed in his village for centuries, but they have gone missing for the past 20 years. One cannot blame Modi nor Karanatak, but the Dravidian sand mafia. If people are protesting, they must fight against these “vultures.”

"Tamil Nadu wakes up to protests every other day. There is the Cauvery issue and problems pertaining to Methane, Neutrino project, Sterlite, and Neduvasal, but not a single voice is heard against the sand Mafia. This is because irrespective of the party, the leaders benefit from sand quarries, directly or indirectly," he said.

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