China is feeling increasingly under threat. One would have thought that North Korea opening up to the world and America would be a good thing for China. Unfortunately the Chinese are worried as they will lose their leverage over North Korea. In addition, 27 European countries have not supported the Chinese 'One Belt One Road' initiative. They feel it is a vehicle that will benefit only China. India has opposed this Chinese concept. Further, Donald Trump is an unpredictable man and after levying duties on Chinese goods has started forging closer relations with Taiwan.

He has also ordered the American fleet to sail through the South China Sea which is claimed by China. In such a scenario China would like to make overtures to India. President Xi has now invited Modi for a one to one summit without aides at Wuhan in China. The Times of India reports this news.

India -China

China has a long border with India which is disputed. As things stand, China cannot afford to have a hostile India on its Southern border. Chinese are already seeing Vietnam gravitate towards the United States and now the US Aircraft carrier has also visited Vietnamese port. China also has a frosty relation with Japan which is now rebuilding its military. The Chinese are also wary of the fact that tomorrow Taiwan may declare independence and with Donald Trump at the helm of affairs in America anything is possible

Now that president Xi has become the most powerful ruler in China after Mao Tse Tung, he is in a position to shape Chinese policy.

Probably he has decided that it would not be a good idea to antagonize India. He has thus called for a summit meeting with Narendra Modi. It is understood that this meeting will be a one to one meeting and no aides will be present. President Xi would be looking forward to trying and thaw the relationship with India.

China needs India

The Chinese press has now been writing about the positives of a relationship with India.

China desperately wants to take India onboard the one belt one road initiative. This has become more important after 27 European countries have decided that they will have nothing to do with this initiative. India is opposed to this one road one belt concept as it passes through Pakistan controlled area of Kashmir which India claims.

The Chinese will have to address this If the relationship with India is to go forward.

Last word

The Chinese are also wary of the strong military relationship building up between India and the United States. China is feeling under siege, and that is the reason president Xi is calling Modi for a one to one meeting in China.