With May 12, the date on which the Karnataka Legislative Assembly election will be held is less than a fortnight away, the incumbent state government released a dedicated manifesto for Bengaluru, promising to spend Rs 1 trillion on developing the infrastructure of India’s IT capital.

The manifesto for Bengaluru region, unveiled by writer and policymaker Sam Pitroda on April 28, read that the Congress government will make sure that at least Rs 1 trillion is allocated from the Centre and the state government coffers to develop and create a world-class infrastructure.

As per the manifesto, the government’s priority is to rejuvenate the existing lakes in the city and make them free from pollution. In the 1960s, there were 262 water bodies in the city, and the number is down to around 80 now, of which 34 are recognized as live lakes, a state government's data indicates.

The government also envisions setting up a city ombudsman office and a Metropolitan Planning Committee that would address all civic issues and observe the growth of the city and the surrounding towns respectively.

Congress will also build flyovers, roads, footpaths, underground lanes and widen the roads in the city, stated the manifesto.

Congress's Manifesto for the state

The party's manifesto for the state, released by party president Rahul Gandhi on April 27 in Mangaluru, read that the government will create 10 million jobs across the state over the next five years.

The manifesto also promised to create 1.5-2 million jobs per year, 6.5 million jobs in the tourism sector, eradicate malnutrition from the state, set up 50-bed Ayush hospitals, and spend Rs 1.25 trillion on irrigation.

Speaking on the manifesto, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the manifesto had been created by going to every single community, block, district, and region of the state and taking the opinion of people what they want their government to do.

BJP to release one manifesto for each constituency

Opposition party BJP has decided to prepare one manifesto for each of the 224 assembly constituencies. The party has crowd-sourced the manifestos and collected, analyzed and tabulated data separately from every single constituency.

As per a key party official, the manifestos may be released on April 30.

Muralidhar Rao, the party’s general secretary and in-charge for the state, said that it took nearly four months to collect data from each of the 224 assembly constituencies and the party will release the manifestos soon.