Indian National Congress' social media and digital communications director Divya Spandana took a dig at Twitter for allowing bots to troll on the platform. She said that despite the party raising several issues with the social media company, no steps were taken to fix the issue.

On Thursday, she lambasted the platform for allowing bots to take over Twitter polls. She said that the party has been following up for months to fix the issue, but nobody from the Twitter team had responded. “We aren’t giving up, but you need to do your bit,” she said, addressing the Twitter team on their own platform.

On Thursday morning, she tweeted that she had met the Twitter boss from the U.S months ago. According to Spandana, he feigned ignorance and asked her to send him the links to the manipulated polls, which she promptly sent. “You Twitter promised to respond. We are yet to hear back from you folks. How is this still allowed?” she asked.

She pointed out that Google algorithm and SEO too had issues earlier, but the company fixed it for them.

Earlier this month, she told the CNN that BJP had an army of trolls that spread false and fake news about the Congress.

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