Banwari Lal Singhal, an MLA from BJP, has appealed to the Hindu community to not let any Muslim into their homes. The Alwar city MLA reiterated that the Muslim community is predominantly involved in crimes and he has always kept them at arm’s length.

He added that Muslims never vote for the BJP and even if the party goes in search of the Muslim vote bank, they would have to give them something in exchange, and that favor would mean helping the community get away with the crimes they commit.

“I do not seek their votes nor do I expect any of them to vote for the BJP,” Singhal said.

Besides accusing the Muslims of committing fraud, he said that a large number of them are predominantly involved in blood-thirsty activities like cow slaughter and love jihad. He said that Muslim boys deliberately lure young Hindu girls, marry them and convert them. Once married, they are physically and mentally abused by their husbands and, after a couple of years, they are thrown out of their homes, he said.

Their community has, however, ensured that no Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy, he added.

Justice for Asifa

Meanwhile, reports claim that lawyers backed by the BJP are trying to prevent the filing of charge-sheet against those accused of raping and murdering Asifa Bano, an eight-year-old girl in Kashmir.

“This is the reality of Narendra Modi's Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyan. BJP-backed lawyers defending a child rapist and murderer,” Shehla Rashid, Former Vice-President, JNU Students' Union.

A few facts

The young girl was subjected to rape and torture via electric shocks before she was killed. The crime branch of the police collected the DNA evidence, and it corroborated the confession of the accused.

Sanji Ram, the alleged ringleader, belongs to Hindu Ekta Manch, a right-wing outfit backed by the ruling BJP.

“Sanji Ram is an ex-bureaucrat with some clout. His son is also a co-accused in this disgusting crime. The eight-year-old girl was tortured inside a temple. This has been confirmed via DNA testing and a confession,” Anupam Guha, a techie, said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a sit-in is being planned on Pratap Park in Srinagar on Wednesday at 2 pm to protest against the brutal rape and murder of Ashifa Bano, and against the subsequent attempts to save the perpetrators and against communalisation of the issue.

“Advocates are invoking Ram’s name to prevent crime branch from filing a challan in 8-year-old Asifa’s rape case in Kathua, Jammu. This is what RSS's Hindu Rashtra look like,” posted another user on Twitter.

The furious Twitterati also demanded that the lawyers who tried to prevent police from filing a charge sheet in the case of rape and murder of the eight-year-old Asifa deserve to be booked for obstruction of justice. “Thugs in black coats shame humanity in Jammu and Kashmir.

I and so freaking angry. This is the reality of new India under Modi,” said Rifat Jawaid, Founder of Janta Ka Reporter.

Many opined that a rally by some Hindu chauvinists led by a BJP leader under the banner of India flag in support of rapists and murderers with full police protection is a glaring example of how the Indian regime has fallen with regard to humanity and ethics.

Congress has a goal

Meanwhile, the all-inclusive Congress is confident that it would will the Lok Sabha seats in 2019. “In 2019, let’s bring the BJP down to double-digits in Lok Sabha seats. That should be our goal,” said Sanjay Jha, national spokesperson of the Congress party.

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