In what could be a mega deal in digital market in India, the country's most dominant telecom player, Reliance Jio and the world's largest online streaming service provider, netflix are in talks to leverage the data-hungry Indian market with digital content. Netflix has a tremendous interest in the Indian market and is looking to expand its foot in India by partnering with a telecom operator that would strategically benefit each other.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, during his visit to India said he sees great potential in the Indian market. Reliance Jio has touched 160 million mark.

Together, the duo can create a huge rival to the existing players like Amazon and Hotstar.

What is the deal between Netflix and Reliance Jio?

According to Factor Daily, the two companies are in talks with each other for quite a few months, and the deal isn't yet finalized. According to sources, Netflix would be giving its entire catalog of Digital content to Reliance Jio and charge a royalty fee for providing the content to its users.

How could this deal benefit the users in India?

The Netflix-Jio duo could be seen to disrupt the India digital and online streaming market.

The key factors for success are:

1) Reliance Jio is providing all its digital services to its users free of cost, and the cost of data has gone down drastically to Rs 19 per 1GB.

2) The 160 million user base of Reliance Jio could benefit Netflix in reaching more users.

3) The Indian audience already likes the popular Netflix shows like Marvel's Iron Fist, Mindhunter, The Mist, Riverdale, and Atypical.

4) As of today, Netflix has a very small subscriber base in India, and the opportunities for expansion is very high.

5) Amazon is charging Rs 999 for its Prime Video and Hotstar at Rs 1200 a year.

6) The video streaming share of total data consumption would reach 75% by 2022. Hence prospects are high.

Reliance Jio has already partnered with Alt Balaji for sharing digital content exclusively with Jio. India is undergoing a transition from satellite TV to the Internet TV and this evident by the extent popularity seen on the exclusive TV shows of Prime Video like 'Breath.'

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, earlier this year affirmed that every country needs a telecom operator like Reliance Jio and every operator in the world should take cues from Jio in making the internet more affordable and accessible to the people.

Hence, this is a win-win benefit for both the companies as well as the Indian users. For users, you could witness disruptive pricing plans by the competitors to counter Netflix.