India is always desperate to strengthen its relationship with other nations so that there is a peaceful co-existence in the region. One important factor which governs a healthy relationship between two nations is trade and commerce. Another important factor is sports.

From time immemorial, India has been striving hard to draw Pakistan on the same page, but Kashmir issue has stood as a stumbling block in this direction. Neither India nor Pakistan likes to part with even an inch of their territory to each other.

In order to protect their interest in Kashmir, both nations have lost precious lives of their arms forces, whether at LoC or in the wars they fought.

Kashmir issue as a stumbling block in Indo-Pak relations

The contentious ‘Kashmir issue’ has resulted in the emergence of a number of terrorist groups in Pakistan. These terrorists keep infiltrating into India thru illegal means, and their modus operandi is to cause disruption and disintegration in India. Whenever terrorist activities take place, both nations resort to strengthen their borders by deploying more troops and arms and ammunition to take stock of the possibility of an ensuing war. Such a scenario does not allow any kind of healthy and peaceful atmosphere to build up in the region.

US intervention for cordial Indo-Pak relations

On the backdrop of such a scenario, India has, time and again, approached the US intervention in the matter because the US itself has been the victim of terrorist activities engineered by late al Quida’s leader Osama Bin Ladin.

The US has since then taken a stand to abolish terrorism from the world and mainly from Pakistan which is the hub of terrorist activities. Furthermore, the US has also committed that it will not allow any sanctions to Pakistan if the latter does not uproot terrorism from its country. Although Pakistan has publicly admitted that it is in the process of abolishing terrorism, it looks that Pakistan’s philosophy towards terrorism is altogether different.

Pakistan uses terrorist activities in its country as a deterrent to other nations, particularly to India.

China's diplomatic philosophy towards India

China’s take on terrorist groups in Pakistan is contrary to expectations. China’s perspective is that though Pakistan is inclined to uproot terrorist activities, but since the terrorist circle is viciously spread out, it is not an easy proposition to dig them out.

China always stands in support of Pakistan whether the latter is on the right track or not unmindful of its consequences.

The reason behind China’s unstinted support to Pakistan is to keep India disturbed and destabilized. Both China and Pakistan, at no cost, tolerate India’s prosperity in any walk of life. As a result, they keep India engaged in thwarting a terrorist threat.

On the other hand, Pakistan too is at a disadvantage for not having healthy ties with India because it has a direct bearing on trade and commerce between the two nations.

In a nutshell, India is at a great disadvantage to have neighbors like China and Pakistan.