Preparations are in full swing to raise funds for the family of Asia, an eight-year-old Muslim girl who was allegedly gang-raped and murdered in a temple in Kashmir by some Hindu men.

Deepika Rajawat, the lawyer who is handling the case, said that the victim’s family requires Rs10 lakh to pursue the case. A few activists have started the process to raise funds on a website called The goal is to raise Rs 20 lakh. While Asifa’s family will be allotted Rs 10 lakh, the rest will go to the Unnao survivor’s family, the website updated.

Like the Kathua victim, the Unnao survivor, a teenager allegedly raped by a bjp MLA, is still awaiting justice. Her father was killed for demanding justice.

So far, the crowdfunding website managed to raise over Rs 12 lakh.

BJP draws flak

Meanwhile, the ruling BJP has come under fire for overlooking rape issues, particularly when a party person is involved. Many criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not condemning the perpetrators of the rape sooner.

While many Congress supporters said pointed fingers at the BJP for having the most number of criminal leaders, the latter lambasted the Congress party for defaming and disrespecting the Hindu religion, adding that the latter was doing this just for the sake of “votes.”

“The Kathua rape and cover-up is the most heinous and unforgivable crime against a little girl.

[The incident] makes us all hang our heads in shame. The guilty deserve death penalty, no less. But please do not mock Beti Bachao. Such crimes only reinforce the need for saving the daughters of Mother India,” said Madhu Purnima Kishwar, founder of human rights organization, MANUSHI.

Several others criticized the Modi government for misleading the people of India.

One user, who took to Twitter, said: “The BJP came to power promising a corruption-free government. Take a look at their leaders, Karyakartas, supporters, and friends in Karnataka, many have or will go to jail one day, such as the likes of Somasekhar Reddy, Hartal Halappa, Krishnaiah Shetty, and B.S Yeddyurappa.”

Meanwhile, union minister Maneka Gandhi stated that she wants the death penalty for rape on children below 12.

India already has enacted laws to punish child rapists in many BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Another Congress supporter said that he always had a problem with Beti Bachao slogan. “It’s more of a warning than a slogan,” he said. Women are not just someone's “betis.” They are citizens with rights of their own, he said.

On the rape of her daughter Asifa, her 55-year-old mother said that her daughter’s lips had turned black, and her eyes had bulged out. It was a scary scene for a mother to see her child in such a state.”

“When Prime Minister Modi is basking in front of television cameras, I hope he hears the desperate cries of the poor child sedated and sexually molested by a mob or the frantic shout of help of a father pleading for punishment for his daughter’s rapists,” said another user on Twitter.

Users on social media had mixed opinions. Some pointed out that the BJP was being framed for the little girl’s rape. They politicized the issue. A social media user, who took offense to this view. “Take a minute and think what would have happened if Asifa belonged to your family? What would have been your action had she been your sister or daughter?

Those of you who are judging the matter on the basis of communal and political lines are actually supporting the culprits,” the user posted on Twitter, while another added that children being used by leaders to further their political agenda.

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