salman khan, the top Bollywood star has finally met his nemesis. The star has been sentenced to 5 years in jail though earlier reports indicated that he had been given a two years jail term. How this news spread is not known, but now it has been confirmed that Salman will have to serve five years in jail. The Deccan Herald has reported that the superstar was taken to Jodhpur Central Jail at 14:00 hours and taken to barrack number two. The other accused along with him including actor Saif Ali Khan was acquitted.


His battery of lawyers immediately went into action to try and get bail for him.

They failed today, and the court fixed arguments for bail at 10:30 tomorrow. The fact remains that Salman Khan is a celebrity and he can with money power get away from jail and even the law. We have seen this happening in earlier cases, where Salman escaped conviction on technical grounds.

Though many Bollywood personalities have supported Salman Khan and said he's a good soul, but no one has tried to explain how a good soul can go round breaking the law killing people by sitting drunk in an SUV and also killing protected species of animals like the black buck. They also have not explained how the so-called good soul had the temerity to break the law of the land.

Difficult questions

These are loaded questions, and obviously, the Bollywood fraternity would not like to answer them.

Many of the people who were interviewed by the various channels expressed their happiness at the conviction of Salman Khan and hoped that for once at least he would serve this time in jail. Many feel that if a person were not as rich as Salman Khan, he would have been rotting in jail for years.

Reports indicate that as the verdict was read out, Salman Khan and his sisters who were present and the star himself broke into tears.

As much sympathy as one may have with Salman Khan; the fact remains that he is a repeat offender and at no stage, he has proved himself to be a role model for the Indian youth. Even his films have a slant of Pro Pakistan thoughts and show that the man has a warped mind.

Salman is not out of the woods in the other cases also as in the drunk driving case and the earlier wildlife case in which the Higher Court acquited him the government has gone to appeal in the supreme court.

Salman Khan will remain in jail till he gets bail and in case the S'C rules against him the troubles of Salman will mount.

A failed role model

Salman Khan in jail will have to reflect as to the purpose of life. Here is a man who could have been a role model like Amitabh Bachchan but unfortunately the superstar had other ideas. People who are celebrities are expected to lead the way and show a direction to the masses.

In the case of Salman, any argument that he has done a lot of good really holds no water considering that he has repeatedly been breaking the law and doing criminal acts.