The cost of fuel has skyrocketed in India. Petrol price has hit a four-year high at ₹73.73/litre and diesel an all-time high at ₹64.58/litre.

Taking to Twitter, Ashok Gehlot, former chief minister of Rajasthan, who is currently the general secretary of AICC, mocked the Narendra Modi-led NDA government.

The 'Achche Din' is only filled with tears, he said. The Modi-led government will always be remembered as the government that hurt the interests of the common man, he said, pointing out that the Congress party, during its regime, never caused such inconvenience to people.

“The UPA did not believe in fleecing the public [by] raising the prices of essential commodities or fuel every other day," he said.

Angry citizens who took to Twitter said that excise duty is not an excuse. “The price rise of fuel is directly linked to the hike in transportation cost of essentials. The farmers are the worst affected, as they have to pay more to transport the produce,” said a post on Twitter.

Petrol prices in some cities of India starting April 1 will be

  • Mumbai: Rs 81.59
  • New Delhi: Rs 73.73
  • Bhopal: Rs 79.27
  • Patna - Rs 80
  • Hyderabad: Rs 78
  • Ranchi: Rs 75
  • Pune: Rs 81.05

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