At a convention in Bihar on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the opposition party of not letting the central government do its job. Lauding the efforts of Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, Modi said that despite all the anti-social elements at work, the state has shown massive progress.

Right from the Parliament to the streets, the Opposition is causing trouble and hindering the growth of its people.

However, Sanjiv Bhat, an IPS, took to Twitter to criticize the ruling government. “Four years into Modi's Achhe Din, it should now be clear that the Gujarat model was a mere marketing gimmick and everything about Prime Minister Modi is a lie.

People who haven't realized these gimmicks are either just plain dumb or blinded by hate,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also flagged off Humsafar Express train between Katihar and Delhi in Motihari. He will also flag off India’s first 12,000 horsepower freight electric locomotive and dedicate Madhepura electric locomotive factory to the country. This, according to the BJP, is expected to bring massive employment opportunities and economic development to the region.

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