The special SC/ST court in Rajasthan will pronounce its verdict in a 2012 rape case against Asaram on April 25. The self-styled godman was held for sexual assault when a teenager accused him of physical abuse.

The Hindu groups, however, see this as a conspiracy by the Opposition to further their political agenda.

“One by one, Hindu saints are framed in a well-planned conspiracy just to create resentment in people's mind against Hindu saints & our great Sanatan dharma! Pujya Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji is also being framed in fake case through POCSO Misuse!” stated Ahmedabad Ashram taking to Twitter on Sunday morning.

Mahila Mandal, a group which works towards spiritual and social empowerment for women, said that despite the police acknowledging that that has been no evidence against Pujya Sant, Asaram Bapu is still he being held in custody. “Why is the judiciary not able to deliver justice to him?” they asked. Many blamed the media for distorting facts. “In this case, the legal System is being fooled by fake stories of a girl,” they said.

Although the broadcast media had shown several maligning tapes of the godman, Ajay Pal Lamba, DCP, Jodhpur police, has confirmed that the cops recovered no such evidence.

Shiva, an associate of Asaram, said that the rain never meets any woman in private. Shiva added that he was threatened and beaten up by some rowdy groups who forced him to make a false statement about having the CDs of the goodman misbehaving with women.

Shiva reaffirmed that he possessed no such CDs.

Pravin Togadia, international general secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad, said that it is becoming a tradition to frame innocent Hindu saints.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy too declared that Asaram’s case is bogus as the godman is in the forefront of stopping and resisting religious conversions.

Reports also claim that the investigation officer Chanchal Mishra who was specially appointed to look into the case of Asaram has been declared partial investigator by the Court of Sikar, Rajasthan.

Nari Raksha Manch, a women’s empowerment group, has criticised POCSO Misuse and they said that Asaram Bapu Ji is innocent.

Gujrat Mahila Aayog also probed Asaram Ashram and found no evidence of wrongdoing.

“We need immediate, ensured, early, real, concrete, lawful, quick actions from GOI in Bogus Case of Sant Asaram Bapu,” said a user on Twitter.

In Parliament House, Shivsena's Sanjay Raut had been fighting against the injustice done to Asaram Bapu for more than four years. “It’s not fair to keep Bapuji in jail for over four years without any proof,” said his supporters.

“'Justice delayed, is Justice Denied'. Do preserve the Human Rights in Asaram Bapu Ji's case,” tweeted a supporter.

According to his supporters, investigation Officer Chanchal Mishra did not register statements of witnesses relevant to the case of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu, but she had allegedly registered evidence of fake witnesses in court.

Many pointed out the loopholes in the Indian judiciary. They said in a country like India, allegations are often considered as evidence and that’s why many innocent saints are made to suffer for years for no reason.

Another supporter said that the country is in favor of celebrities but not saints. “Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt gets frequent parole for minor reasons after conviction too. Why no bail for innocent Bapuji?” he asked.

“Asharam Bapu was in the Forefront of preventing Religion conversions. The Indian Media had given him a criminal image even before his trial was started. Shame on this media who didn't present the truth of this case in front of people to earn the bloody TRPs,” said Dr. Mriganka on Twitter.

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