Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday and Saturday. Their meeting received positive reviews on Chinese media.

Congress party president Rahul Gandhi, however, took a dig at Prime Minister Modi and posted a seemingly sarcastic message on social media. Taking to Twitter, he said that Modi appeared tense in his so-called no-agenda informal China summit. He asked the Prime Minister to cover issues like DOKLAM and the China-Pakistan eco-corridor, which reportedly is an Indian territory.

The Congress chief, however, was destroyed on Twitter when supporters of Prime Minister Modi retorted.

They said “Pyare Pappu” must first understand the difference between a formal and an informal meet. “Our respected and lovable PM knows better how to deal with these matters at the right time and in a peaceful way,” they said.

Some even called Rahul Gandhi “undiplomatic” and “childish.”

“Do not forget that issues lingering from 70 years of bad Congress policies can be resolved in one visit. This is international diplomacy so be smart and patient,” said Ravi Das, an anti-Congress voice, on Twitter.

The BJP supporters also posing a series of questions to Rahul Gandhi:

“Who is responsible for Kashmir Issue? Who gave POK to Pakistan? Why does the Congress never talk about "Aksai China"(It's our Kashmir)” they said.

Several other blame Rahul Gandhi’s father Rajiv Gandhi and grandfather Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for the mishap.

The Congress Manifesto

Meanwhile, the Congress party president also shared his views on the recently released election manifesto for Karnataka. He said that this manifesto captures the real “Mann ki Baat” of the citizens.

He added that rather than offering generic promises, the party has doled out specific commitments which it aims to fulfill. This also includes the creation of one crore jobs in Karnataka in the next five years.

BJP supporters, however, say that the people of Karnataka have suffered under the Congress regime for years and that it’s time they give BJP a chance for good governance.

"The Congress is proud to present the result of our dedication in the “People’s Manifesto” of #Karnataka. With our vision of progress, we are committed towards the development and inclusive growth for all the people of this great state,” said members of the Youth Congress.

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah said the while preparing the new manifesto, they also compared it with the party’s 2013 manifesto and made sure they fulfilled the promises made to people.

“We have kept our word and delivered on our promise. Therefore, there is no anti-incumbency against our government,” said the chief minister.

G Parameshwara, President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, said that the achievements of Modi and BJP are filled with empty promises and zero results.

A stable economy, return of black money, new cities, women safety - all these have only remained on paper. Call them "Modi-made promises" because they will never be fulfilled,” he said, lambasting the Prime Minister.

The Congress party also added that their manifesto is based on broad conversations. “It's the voice of the people,” they said.

Writer and policymaker Sam Pitroda pointed out that the Congress manifesto focuses on doubling of farmer incomes, free education for all children, skill training and creation of one crore jobs in five years.

"As the world looks to India for innovative solutions, India looks to Bengaluru and Karnataka. Bengaluru will thrive in an ecosystem of progressive policies, dynamic growth, and vision, and this will be provided only by the Congress party,” said Pitroda.

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