General secretary of bjp Karnataka Shobha Karandlaje on Monday trolled Congress party president Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. Posting a photograph of Rahul Gandhi shaking hands with Lalu Prasad Yadhav, she tweeted: “Rahul 'bail' Gandhi met Lalu 'jail' Yadav today in hospital. Soon they can have next meeting in jail itself. Anyhow, We will pray Kailasnath to help Bail Gandhi complete his Cambridge Analytica- scripted 'Temple runs' before he gets convicted in corruption cases.”

Earlier today, she drew comparisons between the Siddaramaiah-led Congress and the BJP.

On Twitter, she hurled a series of attacks at chief minister Siddaramaiah, alleging that he fooled the farmers of Karnataka. She said Siddaramaiah took farmers for a ride with an on-paper loan waiver and showcased unbelievable apathy.

Citing “Bhoo Chethana,” a farmer empowerment programmer started by the BS Yeddyurappa-led BJP the last term, she said that over 42 lakh farmers across the state reaped the benefits of the scheme, and their productivity also increased by 27%.

Karandlaje added that during Yeddyurappa’s regime, a total of 30,735 farm ponds were built across the state.

More than 30,000 fishermen received financial aid, and the government built houses for more than 11,000 fishermen. At Malpe, Mangalore, Koderi, and Honnavar, the government facilitated the installation of fishing harbors, she said.

Meanwhile, chief minister Siddaramaiah had an exhausting couple of days that the cameras caught him dozing off during a public meeting in Kalaburagi.

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