Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah was caught sleeping at a public meeting in Kalaburagi on Monday. A Congress member sitting next to him woke him up. The video of the sleepy-faced chief minister went viral on social media.

Renuka Jain, financial and tax advisor, took to Twitter to share her view, which echoed the sentiments of many that opposed the Congress rule in Karnataka. “Karnataka, you are the IT capital of India. Do you deserve a CM like him sleeping? Or do you want the guidance of Narendra Modi who lost his sleep working for the nation?

There isn’t much to think. It is BJP for Karnataka, not Siddaramaiah,” she said.

Not the first time

This wasn’t the first time the Karnataka chief minister was caught sleeping. More videos of sleepy Siddaramaiah surfaced on social media.

A few Congress supporters pointed out that the CM was exhausted as the past few days involved a lot of travel around the state.“Give the man a break. Can you imagine how exhausting it is to go places and address a swelling crowd? And to do this every day now. Who won't get tired?

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