Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday took a potshot at former CM BS Yeddyurappa on social media.

Yeddyurappa lambasted the Siddaramaiah government, saying women safety and security is clearly not the priority for the Congress government. “Bengaluru once known as a safe city has now earned the label of being India's unsafe city. bjp in Karnataka is committed to the welfare of women in all fields,” he said.

Siddaramaiah retorted, "Goons, in the name of moral policing, harass young men and women. They do this with the party's blessings.

Trolls associated with your party's school of thought harass and bully women journalists.”

He added that the BJP MLAs are constantly accused of sexual misconduct including watching porn in Assembly. “Your party MLAs in Kashmir defend child rapists. This has been your track record,” said Siddaramaiah.

The Chief minister added that he is confident Karnataka’s win. He said just like in 2013, people will vote decisively. “Hung assembly theories are a lot of nonsense floated by vested interests and self-styled king-makers,” he said.

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