On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to attend the Defence Expo 2018. The Prime Minister was present to inaugurate four facilities at the Adyar Cancer Institute. However, when he landed at the Chennai airport, he was greeted by a lot of ‘boos’. People who were carrying black flags and placards raised slogans against him and shouted, “Go Back, Modi.”

They said that Modi has betrayed the people of Tamil Nadu by neglecting key issues of the state. “We don’t want your Hindi, NEET, GST, and demonetization. We Want the Cauvery Management Board,” shouted protesters.

The Prime Minister reportedly changed his travel plans in the last minutes. Instead of taking the road, he decided to take the helicopter. Many say that he did so because he wasn’t bold enough to face the people of Tamil Nadu on the streets.

MDMK chief Vaiko called this a “cowardly act” as the Prime Minister did not have the guts to face the people of Tamil Nadu, whom he betrayed.

Black balloons were also flown throughout the city. "When the Prime Minister is greeted by black flags at the airport by people across party lines and he has to take refuge in a helicopter to reach the venue, it is certain that he has lost the trust of the people.

Thank you Tamil Nadu, from the rest of India,” tweeted Rachit Seth of Indian National Congress who handles mainstream media communication.

“Modi ji forced to take the sky root as the protest against his visit intensifies.

People of Tamil Nadu shows the way to the rest of the country,” said another Congress activist Jothimani, on Twitter.

Over the past few months, Prime Minister Modi has been accused of introducing grand schemes like GST and demonetization, which have reportedly failed. He was also accused of increase in farmer suicide, Hindutva impulsion across the country, investment policies discouraging industries, and making India unsafe for women, Dalits, and minorities.

People are also accusing the Prime Minister of siding with the RSS and inciting communal violence.

Kushbu is furious

Actress Kushbu Sundar, a national spokesperson of the Congress, also criticized the Prime Minister. Taking to social media she called Modi “a man who has no guts.”

She said that the PM is afraid to rake the road and meet the people who are chanting slogans of his failures. He is afraid to face the media in Tamil Nadu because he cannot answer questions.

Chiding the parties in Tamil Nadu, she said: “Shame on AIADMK to give in to the whims of a PM who is elected to serve the country and not be a burden to them..even Dr. Kalaingar or Late JJ never did this..we understand the security precautions but this is way beyond too much,” she tweeted.

“You are not worth the pain we are going through..you created chaos the day you were elected and you prove it yet again that you are here only to create chaos and confusion and bring immense trouble to the citizens,” she said.

A citizen who took to Twitter said, “ Today it is Tamil Nadu saying GO BACK MODI...Next month, it will be Karnataka’s turn to say GO BACK MODI. And in 2019, the whole of India will be chanting saying GO BACK MODI.”

“The mood of the nation has changed from Har Har Modi to Go Back Modi.

Let the echoes resonate louder and grow stronger.Tamil Nadu has shown us that if we unite, we can bring down the fascist forces. The Prime Minister today seeks for protection from his own citizens,” posted the National Students' Union of India on Twitter.

The protest against Modi in Chennai has resulted in a massive traffic jam across the city.

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