The Leaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) Program of Deshpande Foundation hosted its valedictory function on Tuesday.

Naveen Jha, CEO of Deshpande Foundation, said that results of the efforts put in by students are visibly evident in the projects that they have undertaken. “I am really moved by the initiatives taken by these young chaps and the results of all the projects taken by LEAD members are amazing. Never ignore the problems in your surroundings thinking it is too small,” he said.

LEAD, a youth-centric initiative of Deshpande Foundation, fosters innovative and entrepreneurial thinking within the student community by exposing them to social issues.

Lauding the efforts of the students, Dr. Shivprakash V Hiremath, principal of PC Jabin College, Hubballi, pointed out that at a time when youngsters are engrossed in social media and the selfie culture, the LEAD team had decided to think different by focusing on real issues people are grappling with.

“Transformation of young minds for the societal needs can only happen on a platform like LEAD,” he said, adding that a young team like LEAD is the need of the hour.

Sadanand Kamat, partner, S P Kamat Group of Hotels and director of Kamat Yatrinivas Pvt Ltd said, “India is known as youngistan because half of the Indian population is filled with youngsters. The youngsters associated with LEAD take up rural issues, which are ignored by many.”


Uday Hampannavar, principal of Smt. Kamala and Sri. Venkappa M. Agadi College of Engineering & Technology, Laxmeshwar, encouraged the students to take up more life-changing projects. “Students should give a human touch to the projects they take up. Some projects may look small but the impact it creates makes a difference. Never get discouraged by the problems you face, your determination and hard work never go to waste.” said Hampannavar.