Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tamil Nadu did not go well. The PM was in Chennai on Thursday to attend the Defence Expo 2018. He also inaugurated four facilities at the Adyar Cancer Institute. However, Modi did not receive a warm welcome from the people of Tamil Nadu. On the road, people staged a protest against the Modi government for betraying the people of Tamil Nadu. Black balloons were flying all over the city to show their disdain.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the hashtag #GoBackModi was trending worldwide with several hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

A few hours later, “the hashtag was removed,” claimed Modi protesters. They added that the BJP government not only have bought the loyalty of mainstream media but also bribed the social media platforms.

“It is shameful that Twitter removed #GoBackModi from the trends Twitter. Another Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in the making,” opined a user on Twitter.

Tanuj Hooda, a user on the social media platform, said that the hashtag on #SSCSCAM was also removed when the aspirants were protesting against the corruption and leak within the system.

“#TwitterSold. Need justice for #GoBackModi removed from trending list,” tweeted another user.

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