The law may be fast catching upon BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who is the prime accused in the rape of a 17-year-old girl in Unnao district and was sent to seven days police custody. The lawmaker who has been elected thrice in the past from the Unnao district was produced in front of a Lucknow court after he was arrested by the CBI.

The arrest

Sengar was arrested by CBI from Bangarmau last night after 16 hours of questioning at its office in Lucknow. The lawmaker remained adamant that he has been wrongly framed and has full faith in the judiciary.

The CBI is slowly removing the layers of the conspiracy and has taken into custody, Shashi Singh, the woman who took the victim to the BJP MLA’s house on the day of the crime.

Meanwhile, the harassment of the kin of the rape victim continues. In another twist to the sordid tale, the rape survivor’s paternal uncle has informed the media that his nephew is missing and then goons of the BJP MLA are harassing his family in the village.

Victims under surveillance

Sengar’s goons are continuously keeping a watch on the house of the paternal uncle of the victim.

Unconfirmed sources have alleged that the goons are videotaping the activities of the members of the family.

The uncle of the minor has also reported that the police are helping Atul Singh in the jail.

It must be recalled that Atul Singh was arrested on April 10th for beating to death, the rape survivor’s father. The father later succumbed to his injuries while in judicial custody.

The working of the Uttar Pradesh Govt has come under severe criticism and only after a direct intervention of the Prime Minister, the UP police started to act half-heartedly.

The police have filed three FIRS'. The first one about the rape of a minor and Sengar and Shashi Singh have been named as accused. The second FIR has been filed for rioting, and four locals have been booked.

They have also been booked for killing the victim’s father in judicial custody. The police have later added the murder charges. The third FIR is related to the allegations against the victim’s father who was arrested under the arms act. The post-mortem of the victim’s father reveals that he has been severely tortured and died due to multiple internal injuries.

Case handed over to the CBI

After massive public outrage over the inaction by the police, the case was finally handed over to the CBI on April 12.

Within hours, the CBI traced Sengar who was untouched by the police and brought him to its headquarters. After interrogation for 16 hours, he was taken into custody on Saturday and sent to judicial custody.

The Allahabad Court had on Friday directed the CBI to take into custody, Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The court bench under Chief Justice DB Bhosale and Justice Suneet Kumar severely reprimanded the state police after it was informed that Sengar has been detained and not arrested. The court had earlier directed the CBI to take up the case and also asked it to bring forth an application for canceling the bail given to other accused in the case.

It also directed the CBI to provide a status report to the court by May 2.

The Financial Express quoted a bench of Chief Justice Dilip Bhosale and Justice Sunit Kumar as saying, “The disturbing feature of the case is that the law and order machinery and the government officials were directly in the league and under the influence of Kuldeep Singh.”

The case first came into national limelight when the victim and her family tried to self-immolate themselves before the state CM, Yogi Adityanath.

The victim and her family alleged that they have been running from pillar to post for the last one year but did not get justice. The family claimed that MLA Sengar raped their minor at his residence.

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