Taking to social media on Friday, the day before the state election, president of Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi, criticized the Modi government for nominating corrupt candidates in Karnataka. Posting a news article by National Herald, Rahul Gandhi said remarked that this is how “Modi” and “Yeddy" are getting "Reddy" to loot Karnataka. “Fortunately, the people of Karnataka will not let that happen,” he tweeted.

According to the article, B Sriramulu from the BJP was bragging about bribing the then CJI in 2010. “This is incriminating. Reddy Brothers have manipulated the Supreme Court.

Got the relief and working overtime for the BJP in Karnataka Elections,” said MLC, former president of Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders in Karnataka are urging citizens to vote.

“Karnataka is the pride of India. In a bid to score a few electoral brownie points, PM Modi has insulted Karnataka with his lies,” the Congress posted on Twitter.

Many voters said that they do not want BS Yeddyurappa and his gang of looters to ruin Karnataka like they did between 2008-13.

The videos that have surfaced on today show how Sriramulu & middlemen Captain Reddy, Balan, Swamiji Rajnish & CJI Balakrishnan’s son in law Sreenijan discuss bribe deals in order to get a favourable judgement from SC in the Obalipuram case”:

DK Shiva Kumar, a candidate for chief minister, appealed to the youngsters to turn out in large numbers and vote for development.

“We have delivered on our promises and we will continue to build a Nava Karnataka. Vote for Congress,” he said.

“Today People of Karnataka are standing in queues to create history & show the nation the way to liberal, progressive, peaceful and compassionate politics and governance. I thank them for their support and wish them well,” said chief minister Siddaramaiah.

Looking back at last five years, the Congress government’s singular focus was to bring glory back to Karnataka, he said on Friday. “We have come a long way from being the most corrupt state in 2010 to become the investment capital of India by 2018,” he added.

Karnataka Congress party chief G Parameshwara said that he cast his vote in Heggere Primary School, Tumakuru Assembly Constituency.

“We need to be the change we want to see in the world & voting is certainly a step towards it. I urge everyone to cast their votes because it is their right and responsibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa also urged people to vote for the BJP in Karnataka. He said: “Voting is not only a right but one's duty as well. I have done my part today and I urge my dear fellow citizens of Karnataka to please exercise your democratic right and cast your vote as early as possible. Play your part in shaping the future of our state.”

Yeddyurappa added that the BJP’s campaign in the state was based on the party’s positive approach in outlining achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in the Centre and BJP’s previous government in Karnataka.

“We didn't indulge in a false, negative and divisive campaign. Development for all shall continue to remain our core,” said Yeddyurappa.

He said that although Karnataka was a favoured destination for Investments, Siddaramaiah wasn't active enough in translating this into reality. Investment realization was just 27% in 2017. “Karnataka had to suffer due to his lethargy," he said.

“Karnataka has been the #1 state in IT/BT exports and #1 in silk production way before than 2013. It doesn't befit chief minister Siddaramaiah to lay claim for this,” he said.

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