There is no inkling of doubt; Rahul Gandhi will be the Prime Minister face of the Congress party. However, pundits of Indian Politics are still doubtful if the Congress is putting its right foot forward. The Karnataka polls will lay the framework for the strategies to be chalked by both the parties in the Lok Sabha General elections 2019.

Already Congress volunteers have started running surrogate pages on different social sites to get a feel of the electorate. In a way, it is trying to fine-tune its poll strategy. Before announcing the face of the prime minister, the party first floated the idea before the masses and then let the tempo increase.

It is still not clear if he will take on Modi alone or form a coalition of opposition parties and then lead then charge.

The party has opened some Facebook pages with Rahul featuring in almost all headings. Congress party volunteers and sympathizers are undoubtedly manning these pages

As of now the whole brass of the 200-year old party is tied up with the Karnataka Assembly poll 2018, more surrogate pages pertaining to 'Rahul Gandhi As Next PM of India', 'RG Next PM of India', 'Next PM RG' will be made to create a buzz around RG before the 2019 elections.

The surrogate pages will form the basis for gauging the initial feedback which will then decide the social media strategy for the forthcoming elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.

The whole machinery will become fully operational by the time Lok Sabha elections are around the corner in 2019.

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