Congress will approach the Supreme Court right away if the Governor Vajubhai Vala doesn’t invite the alliance to form a government.

Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has accused the BJP in Karnataka of offering Rs 100 crore to certain MLAs in the JD(S) to switch sides.

Pointing fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that the latter had been talking about getting rid of black money. However, the party has been trying to indulge in dirty politics by bribing the MLAs. He said that the Prime Minister, during his election campaign, had promised that every Indian citizen will have Rs15 lakh in his bank account in a span of four years, but of late, the Modi has not spoken about it.

Kumaraswamy said that that the BJP reportedly engineered the defection of four JD(S) and 3 Congress MLAs and successfully staked claim to form a government in Karnataka. Those who defected from JD(S) were promised monetary rewards, re-elections and prominent posts in government bodies. Kumaraswamy said that the BJP continued to work in this direction, and that’s how they won the support of 121 MLAs in the 224 seat in the House.

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Citing the examples of Goa and Manipur, he said that despite being a party with a majority, Congress couldn’t form a government in these states.“The BJP is trying to misuse powers,” he said.

He warned that the BJP over the infamous Operation Kamal. He said that if the party tries to poach their MLAs, they will poach twice that number from the BJP.

He requested the Governor to follow the precedence of Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya. In 2008, BJP emerged as the single largest party in the state elections. But it could again not go past the halfway mark.

What followed after that was an infamous political maneuver known as ‘Operation Kamal’. The BJP allegedly engineered the defection of 4 JD(S) and 3 Congress MLAs and successfully staked claim to form a government in the state. Those who defected from their parties were allegedly promised huge rewards, re-elections and important posts in government bodies.

BJP continued to work in this direction and went on to claim support of 121 MLAs in the 224- seat House.

HD Kumaraswamy says his dad and party president Deve Gowda regretted becoming the Prime Minister with the support of the BJP in 1998. “It’s true that I have offers from both parties. There's nothing I want to hide from the people of Karnataka. However, I am trying to make up for what I did to my father in the past that hurt him... After Uttar Pradesh elections, I had made a statement that only the JD(S) can stop the BJP from ruining India,” he said.

Kumaraswamy will be meeting Governor Vajubhai Vala at the Raj Bhawan in Bangalore at 1:30 pm. Earlier today, he was elected as the JD(S) Legislature Party leader.

Kumaraswamy will present the letter of support from JD(S) and Congress MLAs to the Governor Vajubhai Vala.

Meanwhile, BJP’s CM candidate BS Yeddyurappa has staked claim to form the new government in the state. He said that the BJP is the single largest party with 104 newly elected legislators. Yeddyurappa told reporters after meeting Governor Vajubhai Vala at Raj Bhavan. Earlier in the day, the new BJP lawmakers unanimously elected Yeddyurappa as their legislative party leader. "I have requested the Governor to allow me to take oath as the CM at the earliest and the Governor said he would take an appropriate decision," Yeddyurappa stated.

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