Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took to YouTube Live to address the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class and Slum Morcha Karyakartas of BJP in Karnataka.

Thanking the Karyakartas, he said that he appreciates the work they do for the party. “Morchas play a vital role in bringing the new generation in our fold,” he said.

The BJP has the most number of MPs in parliament that belong to SC/ST, OBC, and minority. He appealed to the Karyakartas to visit the homes of SC/ST, OBC and minorities and assure them that BJP will work for their welfare.

The Prime Minister said that the BJP believes in equality and development for all. “We need to work tirelessly for the welfare of deprived and women,” he added.

He encouraged the Karyakartas to visit the homes of SC/ST/OBC and minority members of the society and communicate the policies of the government to them. “Convey to them that the BJP is working towards the betterment of one and all,” the Prime Minister said.

Lauding the efforts of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Modi said that the great leader dreamt of India as a country which takes each and every person forward. It is fortunate for us that we have the opportunity to grow as Pachatirath to five key places connected with the life of Ambedkar.

“Today we are all striving to fulfil the dreams of the strong and prosperous nation of Baba Sir, taking inspiration from the great saints,” he said, adding that the BJP government has made SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act more stringent and increased the offences listed in the Act from 22 to 47.

The Prime Minister also reiterated that the Opposition Congress led by Rahul Gandhi has no place for Dalits and backwards. “The way the party has behaved with Baba Saheb shows that they do not even respect him,” Modi asserted.

The Prime Minister said that out of the total loan disbursed in the country, more than 10.6% has been given to Karnataka.

“Can the Congress list just one work that they did in the honor of Baba Saheb?” Modi asked.

He explained that today through various schemes, the BJP government is working towards providing social justice and equality.

Mudra Yojanas are helping to make SC/ST/OBC and women financially empowered.

Out of seven states that have the most number of tribals, BJP has a government in six states, the Prime Minister said.

Congress wants the votes of OBC community but they did not allow OBC Commission to get Constitutional Status, Modi added.

“Congress never respected Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Until the Congress party was in power, Baba Saheb was not given Bharat Ratna,” the Prime Minister remarked.

Taking inspiration from all the great saints, today we are trying to fulfill Baba Saheb's dream of a powerful and prosperous nation, Modi said.

Shedding light on Namma Bengalurige Namma Vachana, he said that the party is committed to delivering people-oriented, sustainable and corruption-free governance for New Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, there was a massive response to BJP president Amit Shah’s roadshows in Bengaluru. BJP state secretary said that this response shows the writing on the wall for Siddaramaiah government.

“The people of Bengaluru have clearly decided to say no to the infamous trio of Harris-Baig-George,” she said, adding that, for the BJP, it is 'India First', for the Congress it is 'Family First'.

The BJP has also released 224 constituency-specific manifestos, which is available in both Kannada and English.

She said that this manifesto will address issues of the people at the constituency level as well.

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