BJP supporters in Bangalore say that the city has suffered untold brutalities for five years under the “corrupt and goonda” Congress government.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that under the Congress government, Bangalore's infrastructure is crumbling. For the Congress government, women’s safety is not a priority, he said.

Many BJP supporters said that only a BS Yeddyurappa regime could restore life back to normalcy in the IT City by ushering in"Citizen Centric Governance”.

The BJP announced that they plan to enact a new legislation for a New Bengaluru - called Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Governance Act (BMRGA).

“We will constitute a new Metropolitan Planning Committee and ensure the right to service for all citizens,” the party said on its Twitter account.

The BJP in Karnataka is also keen on bringing back citizen control over their neighborhood through strict implementation of zoning regulations to minimize commercial activities in residential areas (except small traders and ancillary units) to control noise, garbage, packing, etc.

Considering the competition is fierce this year, it remains to be seen if the BJP would win in Karnataka.

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