On Sunday evening, president of the Indian National Congress announced that he will be out of India for a few days. His tweets suggested that he is accompanying his mother Sonia Gandhi, who is due for her annual medical check-up. Rahul Gandhi, however, did not mention where he is going on when he would be back. In what seemed to be like a message to his social media chief, Divya Spandana, he jokingly added that his social media team should not get worked up.” “To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don’t get too worked up...I'll be back soon,” he said, without revealing the details of the destination he is heading to.

Funnily enough, Divya Spandana, who is always active on Twitter, was not seen on the social media platform the last couple of days. As of writing this article, Spandana last tweeted on May 26.

The announcement of his foreign trip drew flak from the people of Karnataka, who felt that Rahul Gandhi is putting his vacation before people. They said that the Congress chief seems to be least bothered about the lack of cabinet in Karnataka.

“No cabinet in Karnataka yet! Rahul Gandhi has put his vacation before the people of Karnataka... Chief minister Kumaraswamy has put Rahul Gandhi before the people of Karnataka,” tweeted an angry citizen, adding that, “That's what happens when you dynasts steal the mandate from the back door.

People always lose!”

A couple of days back, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the ruling BJP has failed to keep its promise to the people. All they are good at is self-promotion and catchy slogans, Rahul Gandhi said.

Posting a mock report card of the BJP rule in the country, he said that the government has failed to address the concerns of poor farmers.

He added that the Modi government has also not succeeded in negotiating a decent foreign policy that would help India scale new heights. The government promised jobs for youth, but they failed to create employment opportunities. Fuel prices have skyrocketed during the Modi rule, which almost always is filled with chaos and distress, he said.

Meanwhile, Congress supporters also took a dig at the Modi government for invading their privacy. Recently, the VP of Paytm, the biggest benefactor of demonetization was caught in a Cobrapost sting where he admitting that he handed over user data to the BJP.

“If anyone who suffers from Congress envy, it is Modi. His efforts to appropriate Congress achievements show that Modi’s mind is not Congress mukt. He is haunted by the achievements of Nehru and Gandhi,” said Shiv Visvanathan on the completion of Modi’s four years of governance.

Attacking Modi’s loyal supporter and media personality, Arnab Goswamy, a Twitter user asked “Why doesn’t Arnab Goswami debate about the expenditure account for the revenue generated from crude in past four years?

Instead of watching Modi’s back? Everyone knows his face turns crimson when it comes to Modi and starts yelling, he needs to get a silencer fitted.

“Does Modi accept only useless fitness challenge kept by Virat? Then fine we Tamil Nadu people set a challenge to him” asked another user.

“Petrol price reaching an unprecedented high is in keeping with Narendra Modi’s pathological obsession to claim always, “ for the first time”. Congratulations Sir Ji,” said Sanjay Jha, national spokesperson of the Congress.

Jha also retweeted a National Herald article: “The battle of 2019 will be between Godse's idea of India represented by the RSS-BJP versus Gandhi and Ambedkar’s idea of India represented by secular and democratic forces.”

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