BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, appeared on Republic TV, a day after BS Yeddyurppa resigned as chief minister in Karnataka. The BJP in the state had 107 seats, while the Congress and 116. Many BJP supporters said that the Congress got into an unholy alliance to retain power. BJP supporters seem to be infighting despite emerging as the single largest party with 104 seats.

The bottomline is Congress won in Karnataka because of its alliance with HD Kumaraswamy of the JD(S).

Patra said, “Rahul Gandhi is a political cuckoo, searching for a nest to lay his ego's eggs.”

The biggest lesson that has been learned yet the someone is not learning is that Rahul Gandhi has been rejected, he added.

“I was in Karnataka for many weeks, until the 15th 2-o-clock they were saying Congress is dangerous and at 4-o-clock they said that BJP is dangerous,” he said, admitting that the BJP has been having problems with all their alliances.

“There is no doubt that there are problems when it comes to BJP and its alliances, Rahul Narvekar, MLC and Spokesperson of NCP told Dr. Patra. “BJP's arrogance is costing the BJP,” he added.

Sudheendra Kulkarni, author, and political analyst added that India is going to be a multi-party democracy and BJP must give up its arrogance.

Congress gets a lot of hatred

Supporters of the BJP said that the Congress has offered the chief minister post to Kumaraswamy and gets the whole JDS.

“Is it not horse trading? is bulk buying fine? JDS lost 182 seats and lost deposits in over 100 seats. They got just 18% vote share, but want to rule the state, by trading the entire state,” said a user on social media.

Meanwhile, Yeddyurppa, who resigned as CM, took to Twitter to thank the people of Karnataka. “People have blessed us by making us the single largest party in this election.

Power has never influenced my determination to stand up for a cause. Irrespective of that, I shall continue to fight for the betterment of the farmers and my people of Karnataka,” he said.

Kumaraswamy is preparing a strong speech as a response to Yeddyurappa’s emotional speech before the BJP leader resigned as chief minister.

Kumaraswamy will fly to Delhi to personally meet and invite Sonia Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi, in a recent speech, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the members of BJP. “PM Modi has to understand that he's not bigger than the country, the democracy and the people of India,” he said.

“The Congress has protected the voice of the people of Karnataka. We will do the same for every state," he said.

The opposition, together in coordination, will beat the BJP, he said, adding that he would like to thank workers and volunteers in the Congress and the JDS for saving the democracy. "We will protect the voice of the people. We will fight to stop the BJP and RSS from destroying our institutions,” he reiterated.

Rahul Gandhi said that the will of the people in the country can't be tarnished. Prime Minister Modi had authorized the buying of MLAs in Karnataka. He doesn't just indulge in corruption, he is corruption, said the Congress party chief. The BJP disrespected the mandate and tried to subvert democracy in the state. That's what the Congress fought against,” he said.

Attacking the BJP in the state, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP legislators decided to get up and leave before the National Anthem was played. "This shows that they have absolutely no respect for the country,” he said.

The people's mandate is clearly for a Congress-JD(S) Govt. The combined vote share of the parties is much higher than that of the BJP. Congress has polled 7 lakh more votes than the BJP, said the party supporters.

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