May was a special month for the children of rural Hubbali. About 90 children, who registered for a one-of-a-kind summer camp, got a new lease of life when they were imparted training in English language, yoga, Microsoft Office, and Google search techniques.

“Learning is an investment. Learning at the early age gives the best results at the right time. So, never ever give up learning new things. You are already smart and enthusiastic kids thus, you should also aim to make others happy too by your deeds,” said Sushil Vachani, Former Director of IIM Bangalore.

Vachani was addressing an enthusiastic group of young students and parents at the graduation ceremony Susandhi Summer Camp that was held May 15.

The month-long capacity-building residential summer camp is an initiative of Deshpande Education. Students were encouraged to pursue higher education.

Activities like loud reading session, presentation classes, guest speaker’s session, creativity classes, library visit, basic Mathematics classes were held.

Children also got an opportunity to visit Agastya Science Activity Center, agriculture field visit, where they interacted with successful farmers and visited the Sri Siddharooda Math.

Rohan Havaldar, one of the boys enrolled in the camp said, “I was one among the lucky students to visit Agastya Science Lab in Hubballi, where I learnt how different chemicals like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Platinum, Sodium, and Magnesium are used and also how they react to other substances.

This made me curious to learn more about science. Since I learnt how to manage time, I can utilize it well in planning to achieve my goals.”

What Parents Say

“I am happy to see that my daughter speaking in English and can interact with the dignitaries in this program. She was here at Deshpande Educational Trust campus for one-month, utilized the summer camp.

Now we get to learn from her, says Irappa, an agriculturist from Hanchinal. Irappa’s daughter Kavita is now a role model for the family.

Likewise, Prakash Gangappa Popale, father of Pooja Prakash Popale and owner of a barber shop at Mundgod, Uttar Kannada district says, “Rather than spending time at a relative’s place during the summer holidays, my daughter has shown interest in enrolling in Susandhi Summer Camp.

I see some remarkable changes in her.”

“My Son Chandana Gouda was very naughty, and we usually force him to study but now I see this transformation in him in just a matter of a month. I am surprised how this one-month camp made him a better person. He is so disciplined, talks in English, respect everyone and started planning for his future studies. He explained to us about the exposure he got during the visit o the camp and tells his father to grow different crops, which can yield better and be profitable crops. I feel my son has grown up with the maturity in this span of a month. I am grateful to Susandhi Summer Camp for conducting this wonderful camp” says, Nelavva, mother of Chandana Gouda, a natal of Tarlagatta Village, Dharwad district.

Parents from North Karnataka including Belagavi, Dharwad, Gadag, Uttar Kannada, Haveri, Davangere, and Chitradurga took part in the graduation ceremony.

Vivek Pawar, CEO, Deshpande Foundation interacted with the children at the camp. He said, "The one who keep asking questions and finding satisfactory answers always grows in life. So, do not hesitate to ask questions and make your doubts clear to go ahead in life."

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