Godmen have dominated India for centuries. This is a peculiar trait in Hinduism which says that a guru can lead a human being on the path of salvation. Godmen proliferate India and one godmen Bahijjaji Maharaj in Central India residing in the city of Indore committed suicide. The Indian Express, a prominent newspaper of India has reported that the godman shot himself dead with his licensed revolver on June 14, 2018. The godman was aged 50 and had a vast following all over India.


The godman had earlier tried his hand at becoming a fashion model but he failed, and the decided to become godman.

He was a charismatic personality, and many top political leaders were his followers. The godman left behind a suicide note in which he mentioned that he could not take the pressure of life. The Godman had just married a second time and had a daughter from the earlier marriage. There are some reports of discord in the family that led the godman to shoot himself with his revolver. Bhaiyyaji was a prominent figure in MP and Central India and in 2011 had been center stage in helping Anna Hazare break his fast against the Manmohan Singh government.NDTV has reported that the godman was "depressed" and was taken to Bombay Hospital, where doctors certified him as dead.

Bhaiyyuji Maharaj

Bhaiyyuji Maharaj had the distinction of being appointed a Minister of State by the Shivraj Singh Chauhan government.

Many people have severely criticized this move of the chief minister as a step that condones obscurantism. The godman was made a minister so that he could support the BJP government. He had earlier opposed the BJP.

Bhaiyyuji had by his charisma won over a large following. This is not difficult in India where Babas and swamis have a vast following, and many indulge in criminal acts.

Two famous babas with a vast following Asaram Bapu and Baba Ram Rahim are in jail for rape. Ram Rahim is sentenced to a 20-year prison term, and the verdict on Asaram is also likely to be similar.

Last word

The death by suicide of Baiyujji Maharaj is a dampener, and many people are aghast. The Indore police are investigating the case, but nothing much has emerged.

The death of the baba will remain a mystery, but the fact remains that babas greatly influence many Indian political leaders including Narendra Modi. Modi had also sought the blessings of the jailed guru Asaram. File photos are available of Modi paying respects to Bhaiyujji Maharaj. His death will not close the belief of the people in Babas and Pirs as a source for salvation.