The Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) international president pravin togadia was found unconscious in a park in Ahmedabad on Monday evening after being reported "missing" earlier.

After spotting him, people brought him to the Chandra Mani hospital in an unconscious state, according to the police. The doctors claimed this was caused by low level of blood sugar.

The police and even his relatives do not know how he reached Sardar Nagar which is 15 kms away from the VHP office from where he left in an auto rickshaw.

Togadia gains consciousness addresses the media

The doctors at the Chandramani Hospital in Shahibaug said on Tuesday that Togadia has gained consciousness and his condition has been improving.

According to, he addressed the media and said - "I am being targeted for a decade old case, there is an attempt to suppress my voice. Rajasthan Police team came to arrest me. Someone told me plan was being made to kill me in an encounter."

Many of his followers have assembled near the hospital to learn the latest about his health condition.

Police have arranged tight security around the hospital to avoid any untoward incidents.

VHP members protest against Police

On Monday, VHP workers flocked to the Sola police station, shouted slogans, and stopped traffic in the town demanding the police to quickly find him.

"Our International Working President Pravin Togadia is missing since 10 AM today.

The responsibility for his whereabouts and security lies with the administration," the VHP's Gujarat secretary Ranchod Bharwad had said.

Was there an arrest warrant on Togadia?

Ahmedabad police confirmed that Rajasthan police came calling with an arrest warrant regarding an old case of disobedience to the public. That's when Togadia tried to be incognito, fleeing to an undisclosed location where he suffered from low blood sugar levels.

The local police even accompanied the Rajasthan cops to Togadia's residence, but he was not found there. The Ahmedabad police denied his detention or arrest.

His supporters in BJP had claimed that Rajasthan Police detained Togadia, apparently in a conspiracy hatched by someone in the top leadership in the party to charge him in an old murder case, according to IANS.

On Jan 6, 2018, a local Ahmedabad court had canceled the non-bailable warrant issued against Togadia and 37 others in a 1996 rioting case.

RSS wanted him out of the president's post?

Some reports suggest efforts were made by some members of the RSS and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to remove Togadia from the post of VHP International president.

The VHP elections were postponed recently as its segments were divided over the names to be sent for the offices of next international working president and leader of the organization.

Until further notice, Dr. Togadia was asked to continue in his position and Gunampali Raghava Reddy, a businessman from Andhra Pradesh, as the president of VHP.

How can a Z-Grade security person go missing?

People are even more puzzled at his disappearance because he had the highest Z-Grade security in the country which is only given to the VVIPS.

Security guards accompany the leader wherever he goes, at all times. Did Togadia give the guards a miss before he disappeared? Only the police will be able to answer these questions in the coming days.

Who is Praveen Togadia

Pravin Togadia is a doctor and an advocate for Hindu nationalism and a cancer surgeon by trade. He has been an RSS member since he was ten years old in Ahmedabad, and a colleague of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The two remained colleagues during the rise of BJP to power in Gujarat in 1995.

He served as a General Secretary of the VHP. In October 2003, Togadia was informally appointed as the leader of VHP.