hafiz Saeed is designated a" global terrorist" by the Trump administration. India accuses him of masterminding the Mumbai attack on 26/11 which led to over 160 people including many Americans and Israeli's getting killed. He had been put under house arrest in Lahore but was released on orders of the Punjab High court last month.Pakistan is coming under increasing pressure to act against the extremists who operate with the support of the Pakistan government.

As a follow-up, the Pak government has stopped all activities of the organization headed by Hafiz like the JUD.Their charities have been banned, and it is on the cards that Hafiz may again be taken into custody.

Hafiz has accused the Pak government of playing politics and succumbing to pressure from the USA. Rediff news has reported that Hafiz has blamed the Pakistan government for these actions to please India and the USA and vowed to fight the ban in the High Court.

Hafiz denies

As per the Times of India, Hafiz Saeed is accused by India as the mastermind of the Mumbai carnage and the recent attack on the Indian air base at Pathankot. Hafiz denies this but pours venom on the USA and India. He accuses the Pak government of taking actions to please India and the USA.

Politics in Pakistan

Politics in Pakistan is in a state of ferment. Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff has been forced to resign on orders of the Pak Supreme court on the grounds of corruption, and the new PM does not have his standing.

The result is that the army is calling the shots. This action by the Pak government could not have been taken without the approval from the army. The Pakistan army wants to do some window dressing to obviate the possibility of Pakistan being declared a terrorist state.

The Pakistan government had no choice to ban the organization headed by Hafiz as it is well known that the JUD is a front for the Lashkar-e-Toiba which under US pressure is banned in Pakistan.Hafiz Saeed is a good orator, and in his speeches, he arouses the Muslims to wage Jihad against India.

The irony is the Hafiz was in Indian custody, but he was exchanged for 140 passengers from a plane that was hijacked by the Taliban and taken to Kandahar in 2003

Cosmetic change

These actions are only a cosmetic change to try and convince the world that Pakistan is not supporting any terrorist activities. Pakistan still continues to distinguish between good and bad terrorist outfits. Till Pakistan gets out of this fixation, the entire subcontinent will remain a playground for Islamic extremism.