Jayalalitha erstwhile actress and consort of MG Ramachandran donned his mantle after his death and was the leader of the AIDMK. She dominated Tamil politics for over three decades. Her death has created a vacuum and the two superstars Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth have jumped into the fray.

Both vacillated for a long time and finally took the plunge. Both are popular, but Rajnikanth is the bigger star. News 18 has reported that Kamal Hassan who is presently in Harvard has said that he was not sure the two superstars would align together, but he hoped that Rajnikanth's color wouldn't be saffron.

This is the color associated with Hinduism and the BJP.

Tamilnadu politics

Film stars have dominated Tamil Nadu politics for the last six decades. The first film star who became Chief Minister was M G Ramachandran. He is greatly respected in Tamilnadu and after his death his consort Jayalalitha, another actress took over the leadership and was chief minister of Tamilnadu. She faced many corruption scandals and was convicted for disproportionate assets. She died soon after, and the Supreme Court only convicted her friend and accomplice Sashikala.

Unfortunately, after her death, a vacuum was created in Tamil Nadu, and Rajnikant, a superstar in his own right decided to jump into the fray. Kamal Haasan also sensing opportunities declared his intention to enter politics.


Both the stars are rivals, but Rajnikant is the bigger star. Both the stars also follow a different brand of politics. Rajnikant is closer to the BJP and has also met Narendra Modi. Kamal Hassan, on the other hand, claims to be more secular and have criticized Hindu politics. Thus it does not appear likely that both the stars will join hands.

It's more likely they will face each other, and it's a question mark as to who will prevail.

Similar scenario earlier

One is reminded of a similar scenario four decades back when two superstars MGR and Sivaji Ganesan clashed. Sivaji Ganesan joined the Congress, while MGR preferred to be on his own. Overall Shivaji failed, and political commentators are talking of a similar battle between Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.

Cho Ramaswamy, the astute commentator, has opined that like Sivaji Ganesan, Kamal Hassan will be the loser. On the face of it, this is very likely as Kamal Hassan has already antagonized a large number of saffron followers with his anti-BJP and Hindu comments. Rajnikant is playing it safe but he is closer to the BJP, and like MGR, he may decide to strike out on his own. In any case, he has a closer equation with the BJP and saffron groups.


The battle lines are drawn and in this clash, the DMK, the grand old party of Tamil politics, now let by the son of Karunanidhi and AIDMK, the party led by Jayalalitha are likely to be sidelined. Film stars have always dominated Tamil politics, and this is not going to change. There is a distinct chance that Tamilnadu may see Rajnikanth as the next chief minister after the coming election.