Film stars have always dominated politics in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu politics conjures up names of Shivaji Ganesan, MGR, and Jayalalitha who have ruled Tamilnadu politics for over four decades.The death of Jayalalitha has created a vacuum, and two film stars have jumped into the fray to fill the leadership void in Tamilnadu.The New India express has reported that prior to the launch of his party on Wednesday at Madurai, the star Kamal Hassan met the reigning king of Tamil cinema Rajnikanth. Kamal Hassan has called it a "friendly visit" before the actor launches his campaign with a drive from Rameshwaram to Madurai, where he will unveil the name of his party.

Kamal meets Rajnikanth

Both the superstars are newcomers to politics with little or no experience of administration and its nuances. Rajnikanth also met the supremo of the DMK party M Karunanidhi to seek his blessings. He was not entirely successful as the DMK leaders son MK Stalin referred to Rajnikanth as a man selling paper flowers, which will soon fade away. In contrast, he exhorted his cadre to be united as the DMK was like a banyan tree with deep roots.

Kamal Hassan will start his rally from the island town of Rameshwaram, which is one of the holiest places of Hinduism and end it at Madurai, the heart of Tamil culture. He will also unveil the name of his party on Wednesday at Madurai.

Kamal Hassan vs Rajnikanth

Kamal Hassan's main opponent will be Rajnikanth. The latter is the bigger star with a bigger fan following. He is also the highest paid star in India.Cho Ramaswami, the well-known columnist, has written in the Indian Express that the fight will be similar to the Shivaji Ganesan and MGR clash.Just as MGR was the victor so also, Rajnikanth will be the winner.

This is an interesting observation, and Kamal Hassan will try and beat this view.It won't be easy as Rajnikanth is a Spartan man, a philanthropist, a man who is identified as one among the masses and has no scandal-tinged to his name. In the popularity stakes, Kamal Hassan is way below Rajnikanth.


The two parties that have alternately ruled Tamil Nadu for five decades the DMK and AIDMK look to bite the dust, in the face of these two superstars. They will have to work hard to enthuse the voters who are more swayed by film stars.Karunanidhi is confined to the wheelchair, and his son MK Stalin does not have his charisma.

The ADMK is frittered, and there are many claimants for the mantle of Jayalalitha's leadership. In such a scenario the chance of one of these stars striking it rich on the political horizon is bright.