Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to all political parties to work together to create better governance. Addressing the Rajya Sabha gathering on Wednesday, Modi said that all parties must set aside their differences and join hands to curb problems like food shortage, caste system and unemployment and health.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition parties must work hard to educate people in their respective states and create an awareness about issues like sanitation, infrastructure and other issues threatening the progress of the country.

“I would like the Congress and other parties to build a task force and suggest areas where we could improve,” he said.

“We need to sit together and build a Bharat Yojna so that our citizens can trust us with better healthcare facilities,” he said.

Congress leaders have often pointed out that Aadhaar was their idea, and not bjp’s. Shedding light on UID, Modi pointed out that Aadhaar is not a new concept.

The Prime Minister recalled the 1998 announcement in which the government had promised multi-purpose identity cards, which would be used for employment in the public sector. “Even if Aadhaar was your idea and if you think we are taking credit for your work, we don’t mind because what matters to us is the welfare of our citizens,” Modi said.

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