The BJP, ever since it was formed has always been identified as a party espousing Hindutva. To an extent, this opinion was justified as BJP had been formed from remnants of the earlier years Hindu party the Jansangh, which again had a strong association with the Hindu Mahasabha.

Times have changed, and now the BJP has realized that it cannot come to power in India till it gets its tag as a Hindu party changed. The Wire has now reported that for the first time the BJP had has made it deep inroads in the political field in the Northeast States, many of which are predominant Christian.

It is reported that the BJP has demolished the Red stronghold of Tripura and also made a significant presence in the two other states of Nagaland and Mizoram.


The government had called for elections in these the states on completion of the term of their legislature. Narendra Modi made it a prestige issue, as he campaigned far and wide in the northeastern states. His purpose was to spread the footprint of BJP in this region. The BJP historically has never had much of a presence in this region. However this time the BJP made significant inroads and in a great upset, destroyed the Marxist party in its own den.

Marxists destroyed

The Communist Party (Marxist) has been ruling Tripura for the last 25 years and their leader Manik Sarkar had been chief minister for over 20 years.

This time the BJP destroyed the Communist Party rule. It has won 43 seats, and the Marxists have been reduced to a minority. Manik Sarkar had to bite the dust. Despite this, the communists have been claiming that the election was won by money power with help from the corporate world. This has not cut ice with the people who have realized that in 25 years of Marxist rule, no significant development took place.

The BJP has also made a significant inroad in Nagaland, which is a predominantly Christian state. It has also made a significant presence in the state of Meghalaya which again is a Christian state. The victory of the BJP in these two States is a total surprise, and the BGP can now say that it is no longer a party only of Hindus.


The Congress party which for decades has a significant presence in this region has been defeated. It failed to win a single seat in Tripura and Nagaland, though it didn't win a few seats in Meghalaya. The popular sentiments were against the party, and the opposition will form the government.

Rahul Gandhi, the president of the Congress, has a lot of thinking to do as he lacks the charisma of Modi. In addition, most of his top leaders are well past the age of youth and create an impression as men who are just passing the time. If Rahul Gandhi has to make an impression he has to jettison this dead wood otherwise, he will be wiped out in the coming general election in 2019