The BJP, led by Narendra Modi, won the 2014 election with 282 seats. Unfortunately, during the last four years in eight parliamentary by-polls, the BJP lost all eight seats. The latest defeats in the BJP strongholds of Phulpur and Gorakhpur have further brought bad news for Modi. The Times of India has now reported that the BJP is in trouble as the TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu has decided to walk out of the NDA Alliance as he claims that the BJP has not honored its promise of giving a special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu dumps BJP

The loss of Chandrababu Naidu will affect the BJP badly.

It will now have no representation in any of the southern States. Its claim for being an all India party is thus clearly dented. The alarm bells have started ringing for the BJP and part of the predicament the BJP has reached now is because of the policies followed by the party. The party had come to power on an agenda of development with the slogan "Sabka Vikas" that is development for all.

Unfortunately, the BJP already on the back foot started laying greater stress on inconsequential items that trouble the average man like the Aadhar card. Indians by nature don't want to be regimented and by trying to shove the Aadhar Card down the throat of the Indian masses, Modi was playing with fire. In addition, divisive talk on Ram Mandir and politics of beef did not go down well with the people who were more interested in getting jobs

The BJP, after winning an absolute majority also became a little cocky and began to treat its allies with disdain.

In addition, it antagonized the civil bureaucracy and armed forces. Much of the damage was done by the Finance Minister Jaitley, who seemed to be the main culprit. The civil bureaucracy has been asking for a raise in the minimum wage and the armed forces pensioners for OROP as per the Koshiary committee

It is significant to point out that Chandrababu Naidu's going could have a domino effect and already the Shivsena is flexing its muscles and threatening to leave the NDA alliance.

Modi needed a finance Minister who could have been more accommodative but unfortunately, Jaitley had his limitations. He has no political base of his own and in the one parliamentary election in which he stood, he was defeated.

2019 election

Modi must remember that Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost the 2004 elections with the slogan "India shining." Like Modi, Vajpayee was also very popular but that did not help him win the election.

Modi faces an uphill task and has a lot of hard work to do to get the confidence of the people. He must remember Indian people do not like to be regimented. It's about time he concentrated only on development. industrialization, bringing in FDI and creating more jobs. Any other agenda will not help him win the 2019 election