The All India Congress Committee plenary session began in New Delhi on Saturday. The three-day event started off with the party president Rahul Gandhi delivering the inaugural speech. The Congress sent home a message that the party will unite Indians and put an end to the divisive forces. Supporters of the Congress suggested that the party must work towards uniting anti-BJP parties to regain power at the Centre and must win in the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh. Shedding light on the corrupt practices of the Narendra Modi-led BJP, Rahul Gandhi said that the ruling party thrives on hate and divisive powers.

“We at the Congress use love to unite people,” he said. He added that the party follows a form of nationalism that supports tolerance, equality, individual rights, and, most importantly, freedom.

“The hand symbol represents the Congress. This is the symbol that holds the country together, shows us the way, and will take India forward,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi, who was against demonetization, said that if he were the prime minister, he would have thrown the demonetization file into the dustbin.

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