Sid, an Indian lawyer, took to Twitter to criticize the ruling BJP party. On the PNB scam, he stated that the government was aware of the banking fraud in January but took no action against Nirav Modi, the diamond merchant who master-minded the scam. At a recent Rajya Sabha session, finance minister Arun Jaitley was asked if the Prime Minister’s Office was informed of the banking fraud in 2016. Jaitley was evasive in his response, stating that they were made aware of the scam only in January this year, by which time Nirav Mood had fled the country.

Last week, the Narendra-Modi led government introduced the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill to prevent financial frauds. Calling the Bill "an eyewash," they raised the following questions: "Why were existing laws not enforced? Why were cronies allowed to siphon funds abroad? How were fraudsters allowed to flee?

“It now turns out that the government-controlled PNB knew of the Nirav Modi scam on Jan 18, 2018. In light of this new info, will a spineless CBI lack courage to question PMO officials as to who allowed Nirav Modi to be photographed along with Narendra Modi on Jan 23, 2018?” Sid asked on Twitter.

Fudging figures?

The lawyer also pointed out that the government is the biggest "data artist" in the world.

According to latest news reports, the Indian government is clueless about the employment numbers in the country. During a recent parliament session, Santosh Kumar Gangwar, the Union minister of state for Labour and Employment (independent charge) was asked if a survey was conducted to find out the actual employment stats in the country.

The minister responded that as recommended by the task force, no surveys were conducted by the Labour Bureau since 2016.

“This government is the biggest data artist in the world. Doesn’t release employment data, conceals health data, suppresses demonetization data and fudges GDP data,” stated Sid, who goes by @sidmtweets on Twitter.

Sanjay Jha, a national spokesperson of the Congress, pointed out that the ruling BJP “just scored a huge self-goal”. He said, “80:20 gold import scheme continued with new importers right under their nose when Mr Modi became PM in May 2014. It continued for over 6 long months; 180 days. Why? Why no action, if anything wrong, for over 3 years?”


Another hashtag that’s trending on social media is #ModiRobsIndia. Congress points out that the size of the banking scam under the Modi government keeps rising and has now crossed more than Rs 50,000 crore. Taking to Twitter, MLA Randeep Singh Surjewala, In-charge, Communications, All India Congress Committee, posted a document obtained through RTI (Right to Information).

He said, “Shocking information available through RTI on February 9, 2018, now reflects that under Modi and Fadnavis government’s watch, frauds and scams of ₹19,317 crore have been reported in India’s Economic Capital, i.e Economic Offences Wing, Mumbai alone in last 3 years.”

On BJP’s attitude and behavior in the northeast elections, he condemned the party for playing a rough, dangerous game of destabilization, subversion, and usurpation of power without taking into account, progress, security, peace, and stability.

On Wednesday, BJP condemned the vandalism of Periyar statue in Tamil Nadu.

MP Gaurav Gogoi, said, “[The] PM has disapproved of lynching, mob violence, con-artists, fraudsters, vigilantes.

Yet the situation in our country goes from bad to worse. The mask of Vikas is off and the hate of RSS-BJP is exposed.”

“Those who are inspired by [the] Gobbels-Mussolini are justifying destroying statues of Lenin as acts of nationalism. BJP forgets [the] development of Northeast on day 1,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

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