The 2019 Parliament election is almost twelve months away, but every passing month brings either new challenges or opportunities for our politicians. However, the recent developments across the nation indicate that the ruling bjp (Bhartiya Janta Party) has a bumpy road ahead. Though the BJP government has taken many populist steps during its tenure including the latest Budget, it looks like people get somewhat detached from the government and give a chance to the opposition in local bodies.

Though the BJP has got an unprecedented acceptance among the people of Northeast India, two consecutive events have spoiled the mood of top leadership as well as party workers.

No special status, no partnership

The first jolt was given by none other than a partner party of NDA (National Democratic Alliance), the ruling alliance led by BJP. TDP supremo and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu was insisting on giving a special status to his state for a long time. However, the government kept on arguing that it is not possible to give a Special Status to any state of the Republic of India.

The government highlighted constitutional and other limitations but was ready to give a financial aid to AP after the separation of Telangana from the state. Chandrababu Naidu was not satisfied with the government’s stand and threatened to break the partnership with NDA.

Finally, a few days back, he ordered his party’s ministers to resign from the Modi government.

This is a big shock for the BJP when the party disparately tries to get an entry in South India, especially when the poll-bound state Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has already played a masterstroke. He has launched a new tricolor flag for his state and sent the same for the approval of Home Ministry.

A major setback in UP by-elections

Another bad news has come from UP. Here, the CM Yogi Adityanath was confident of winning two Lok Sabha constituencies Gorakhpur and Phulpur. It is noteworthy that Gorakhpur is Yogi’s constituency and once won by himself. Now, SP has clinched both these constituencies with the backing of BSP.

It is not about losing two seats in the Lok Sabha. The BJP worries about the consequences of this debacle in upcoming assembly elections in two big states Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, where the party is already facing the anti-incumbency factor.

In these circumstances, the need of the hour for BJP is to do some introspection. The top leadership needs to motivate party workers and prepare them to unite against the apparently united opposition. Otherwise, the party may face many hurdles in the upcoming 2019 election.