Not only did Prime Minister Narendra Modi backtrack on his decision to offer Andhra Pradesh a ‘special category status,’ he also refused to meet or take calls from the state’s chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu.

In retaliation, Naidu pulled two of his Telugu Desam Party ministers from the Centre. Ministers Ashok Gajapathi Raju and Y S Chowdhary tendered their resignation, citing "unavoidable circumstances.”

Modi made one-sided decisions: Naidu

A disappointed Naidu told the press that they are tired of waiting and watching and the decision to pull out the ministers from the Centre was made because they have run out of patience.

He also accused the Centre of making one-sided decisions that would not work in the favor of the state.

Naidu, however, added that he is not furious with the NDA for not offering the ‘special category status’ and hinted that they will continue to support them.

This decision by Naidu received mixed reactions.

Many took to Twitter to criticize Naidu. They said that he cannot “blackmail” Modi into granting “special status” for Andhra Pradesh. They also added that the state had benefitted more through Modi’s initiatives.

Who betrayed who? Tweeters weigh in

One tweeter accused the Telugu Desam Party of betraying the BJP. “TDP never helped the BJP pass a single bill. For namesake, they are BJP allies but always stand by the Congress.

They never supported BJP’s Triple Talaq bill, which is still pending. Blackmailing Modi isn’t going to help,” he said.

Some also accused the BJP of playing the ‘Divide and Rule’ game. They pointed out that it is evident that the BJP/RSS agenda of ‘divide and rule’ will never work in the South. The Congress has done a better job, they said.

Naidu pulling out his ministers also raises a lot of questions:

By walking out of the NDA, how does Naidu propose to fulfill his promises to people?

What would be the roadmap?

When is Naidu going to get what he desires to get from the government after he walks out?

Naidu’s supporters pointed out that the Centre has been funding the Delhi-Mumbai which costs about Rs700,000 crore whereas it has completely neglected the Visakhapatnam-Chennai corridor.

Facts and figures

Supporters of Naidu also pointed out that Andhra Pradesh suffered heavy losses when it was bifurcated in 2014 to form Telangana. It not only lost its capital but a heavily industrialized urban hub when Hyderabad was made a part of the new state, they said, demanding Centre's support to regain those losses. They said that Modi betrayed the people of Andhra Pradesh. “We voted for him in 2014, thinking he would work hand-in-hand with CBN for the development of Andhra Pradesh. But his government is not even ready to release funds for prestigious projects like Polavaram,” said a Naidu supporter.

The pro-Naidu group said that even after informing the Union Water Resources Department with revised estimates of the Polavaram project, funds have not been released.

In the meantime, the Andhra Pradesh government already spent over Rs. 12,000 crore for the project. “Naidu showed full faith in the BJP government. But shame on the Centre for betraying our CM and the Telugu people. Polavaram is our dream project. Centre's delaying tactics have revealed their true colors,” the supporters said.

Of the 19 provisions that are formulated in the AP Reorganization Act, not even one promise was fulfilled till date. Out of 11672 crores that need to be allotted for national institutes, only 421 crores were given till date. It will take more than 100 years to complete the promise made, they added.

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