Karnataka became the second state after Jammu & Kashmir to have a state flag. With this masterstroke, Siddaramaiah has put all the opposition on a defensive mode.

The Karnataka state flag represents and depicts different aspects and glorious history of Mysore state of yesteryears. The Flag in all its glory in hues of yellow, white and red with the state symbol, the 'Gandaberunda' or the two-headed mythological bird.

The state flag or the “Naada Dwaja” in tricolor and each color representing different aspects. CM Siddaramaiah called the state flag an expression of “Kannadiga” pride, and it has been sent to the central government for approval.

Only Jammu & Kashmir has its own flag

The flag is a variant of the flag used by pro-Kannada organizations. There has been an upsurge in Pro Kannada sentiments, and in recent times signboards in Bengaluru Metro have been changed, and now signs have only Kannada and English language.

BJP's reaction

The BJP is in a defensive mode and maintained a stoic silence on the issue.

It finds itself in a fix because it runs against its nationalistic views. Though in private state BJP members are all for the state flag they cannot say this openly. The flag is a cultural demand of the state, and the CM has thrown a challenge at the ruling BJP government in the center.

Former CM Yediyurappa asked the Congress at a press conference — why the flag was unveiled now after four years of coming to power, is it because the elections are coming up next month?

He also added that when he was the CM, he did not encourage such acts. It will be interesting to see what the Modi Govt at the center does as this is the first time such a proposal has come to it.

Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda is skeptical about the flag and said that it was a non-issue since the flag was always there in the past and has been used on numerous occasions.