Hilarious tweets like “Congress and country embarrassed today by #KartiChidambaram with just ₹10 lakh bribe charge!” are circulating on social media, condemning Prime Minister Narendra Modi for baiting small fish like Karti and letting go of big ones like Nirav Modi.

What Happened?

Former finance minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti was arrested by the CBI on Wednesday.

Karti was arrested when he landed at the Chennai airport after a trip to London. He was produced at Patiala House court at 12.30pm on Thursday. Karti said that he is a law-abiding citizen and will seek bail. His bail plea will be heard by a Delhi court at 2.30pm.

The CBI nabbed him based on allegations made by the promoters of INX Media, who said that, in 2007, they paid Karti a bribe of Rs3 crore to get clearance to access Rs300 crore foreign investment. At the time, Karti’s father Chidambaram was the finance minister, and he was heading the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the agency which approves such deals.

Earlier reports stated that Karti will be held in CBI’s custody for two weeks.

His lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that Karti was interrogated by the CBI and has answered all their questions. He is cooperating with the investigation, Singhvi said. The CBI, on the contrary, stated Karti is not cooperating.

Is Modi Being Unfair?

Critics of Modi view Karti’s arrest as an unfair move. The Prime Minister is now being accused of double standards in being tough on law and order with those in the Opposition yet allowing his favorites to escape prosecution for fraud.

Critics pointed out that while Karti had the decency to cooperate with the CBI in its investigation, Nirav Modi, who defrauded Punjab National Bank for ₹280 crore, is walking away scot-free.

Nirav Modi’s scam has resulted in the loss of Rs 1300 crore.

Just few weeks earlier, Nirav Modi was posing with the Prime Minister Modi at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that BJP should be fair to everyone. “Narendra Modi loves to talk of corruption in administrations of the past and of the states not ruled by the BJP,” he said on twitter. Hashtagging #WalkTheTalk, Siddaramaiah told Modi, “Sir, it’s time to walk the talk. Please make it your ‘mission’ to catch Nirav Modi, investigate the #RafaleScam, investigate Jay Shah, and appoint Lok Pal.”

According to television actor and political analyst, Sumanth Raman, the timing of Karti’s arrest is “hardly ideal” for the government.

Raman tweeted, “He could have been arrested several months ago and people would have hailed Govt. action. Now it will be seen as diversion from Nirav Modi . Next may be Vadra before the polls,” he added.

Suryanarayan Ganesh, an entrepreneur and Congress supporter posed a question: “If Karti Chidambaram was arrested based on sealed statements of killers Peter and Indrani, shouldn’t Modi be arrested based on VIDEO statement of Babu Bajrangi that Modi allowed Sangh rioters to have a 'free hand' for 3 days in Gujarat in 2002?”

Hilarious memes and messages are also circulating on social media condemning Modi’s actions.

Even some supporters of Narendra Modi are seeking answers regarding the banking scam that is haunting India.

One Modi loyalist tweeted: “Sir, we respect you a lot... Want some response from you... Will you support us or choose silence over truth and future…”

Anonymous users on Twitter attacked the Prime Minister with their narrative. Emphasizing the strength of Congress in Karnataka, they said that sham trials like 2G Scam won’t work in Karnataka. “Dear Narendra Modi, simply arresting Karthi Chidambaram and may be P Chidambaram for Karnataka Elections 2018 may not work in the long run. You will need to get them convicted. Sham trials like the 2G Scam will not work,” a user tweeted.

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