Momentous events have taken place in America which will definitely have an echo in India. Donald Trump, the US President, close on the heels of sacking the secretary of state Rex Tillerson, has now sacked the head of Homeland Security, General McMaster.

The general was given marching orders by the president who obviously felt that the head of Homeland security was not pulling his weight in the right direction as far as he was concerned. Yahoo news has reported that John Bolton will replace McMaster.

McMaster's sacking

General McMaster belonged to the old school of American soldiers who have been brought up on a diet of anti- Russia.

The general could not adjust to the changing environment. As an example, he had requested the US President not to congratulate the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump ignored this advice. Worse on a visit to Europe, the general informed the gathering that the Russian interference in the US election was established, but he failed to add that the president Donald Trump was not elected because of Russian influence. The general cooked his own goose and was removed by the president

Trump, a decisive man

Just like Donald Trump is a decisive man, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also similar. Modi is a strong man, but few in his cabinet are not towing the line of thought which he has laid down.

One of these men is the finance minister Arun Jaitley. He has let down Modi on a few occasions. One of these is the sanction of One-Rank-One-Pension. Arun Jaitley negated the announcement of the PM on this matter and sanctioned only a limited version of what was approved by parliament. Jaitley also handled the Andhra crisis in a ham-handed way and paved the road for the exit of Chandrababu Naidu from the NDA.

Modi must act like Trump

Arun Jaitley is a political lightweight and lost the Amritsar parliamentary election. He is an intelligent man and has survived in the Union Cabinet. Narendra Modi will have to take a leaf out of the book of Donald Trump and ensure that those men in his cabinet who do not tow his line are removed. The president Donald Trump is a very decisive leader one can safely say that he has done more in his one year in office then what previous Presidents did in their 8-years.

He has created history by recognizing Jerusalem is the capital and prodded the Saudi government to change its policy towards Israel.He has caught the Palestine Arabs by their tail and yesterday imposed $ 50 billion tariffs on Chinese goods. Modi may well remember to be like Donald Trump and call a spade a spade.