Taking a dig at Amit Shah, national president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Congress is Karnataka accused the ruling government of looting money from the schemes it had launched. The Congress said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s six flagship schemes, which include Swachh Bharat, AMRUT, Smart Cities, HRIDAY, PMAY, and NULM. have utilized only 21.2% of the funds allocated. The Congress pointed out that out of Rs48,548 crore allocated, only Rs 36,914 was released. Of this only Rs 7,851 crore has been used, the party said.

Referring to Amit Shah as ‘Shah of Lies,’ the Congress took to Twitter to expose the party’s alleged hypocrisy.

“Will Shah Of Lies, who routinely asks Karnataka's accounts, ask Prime Minister Modi to explain his government’s incompetence?” the Congress asked.

Congress supporters also cited a recent report by Fortune magazine, which exposed India as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

According to many, the Prime Minister’s silence in scams like Nirav Modi’s banking fraud and Rafale transactions has demolished the myth that he is not susceptible to corruption.

BJP interfering with the autonomy

The Prime Minister was also condemned for “killing autonomy” in the country. The Congress said that the Modi government is interfering with India’s autonomous institutions like the judiciary, Prasar Bharathi, RBI, education, and National Payments Corporations of India (NPCI). For the first time, the Supreme Court judges held a press conference in which they revealed that the BJP government is interfering in judicial matters.

Justice Chelameswar said that democracy in the country will not survive unless the equanimity is maintained.

The Congress also stated that the government, by overlooking competent contenders, is appointing favorites in these autonomous institutions. “These institutions were built over a period of several years, but it took only four years.

People are beginning to lose faith in institutions. If the same pattern continues, anarchy is not far away,” said a Congress supporter.

Many opined that Modi wants to rule the country and not govern. They said that the ruling government is not a great institution builder because one needs positive mindset and vision for building institutions. They said that Modi is indulging in divisive politics, which encourages a lot of hatred. Rather than create great institutions, the Modi-led government is demolishing existing institutions, said the Congress supporters.

They pointed out that the credibility of the banking system is at stake.

From Rafale to PNB and TDS Ghotala to Vyapam and SSC scam, the future of youth is at stake, they said, adding that the real reason behind demonetisation was to fill up the banks with people's hard earned money so that Nirav Modi, Choksi, and all other crony capitalists loot the banks and enjoy the “achhe din.”

They also pointed out that BJP is not innovative, stating that BJP merely changes the names of the UPA government schemes and projects.

The cow slaughter hypocrisy

On the hypocrisy of BJP, the Congress said that the BJP campaigned against cow-slaughter in the Hindi-speaking belt, but they happily allowed eating and selling of beef in the northeast and Goa to fetch votes.

The BJP has also failed the youth of India by not creating the job opportunities it had promised. “The party has failed the youth of India by not able to provide employment in spite of promising them two crore jobs per year. On the other hand, private firms are pushing their employees out for cost-cutting,” they said.

Burning holes in the pocket of the common man have become a benchmark of governance for the ruling government, they said.

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